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Leadership Secrets of Hillary Clinton
by Rebecca Shambaugh

Published by McGraw-Hill

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Resilience: It's How You Can Succeed Like Hillary.

Hillary Clinton is the very model of a successful leader, gifted at prospering even in the face of turbulent times. The real question is: Could the same be said about you?

Ask yourself:
Do I bounce back from challenging situations?
Do I know how to learn from my mistakes?
Do I make my words count?
Do I embrace change and take advantage of new opportunities?

In Leadership Secrets of Hillary Clinton, leadership expert Rebecca Shambaugh reveals the unique formula of open-mindedness, intense focus, authenticity, and resilience that allows Hillary to answer "yes" to all of these questions and that has led to her historic rise onto the world stage.

She has survived personal and professional crises and moved forward to authoritatively step into one of the most important political positions on the planet -- and at one of her country's toughest times. What are the secrets to Hillary Rodham Clinton's success?

U .S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton knows how to prosper despite -- and even because of -- challenges. Confident and self-realized, she is inspiring and effective in good times and bad, and this has led to an unprecedented life of "firsts." Among them:
  • First First Lady to run for (and win) a U.S. Senate seat

  • First female senator of New York

  • First female major-party candidate to mount a serious challenge for the U.S. presidency

  • And, as Secretary of State, she is the first former First Lady to serve in a president's cabinet
Hillary may have "come in second" in the race for the Democratic Party presidential nomination, but Clinton has earned worldwide respect as a first-rate leader. Leadership Secrets of Hillary Clinton dissects her powerful leadership style, making each of its aspects easy to put into practice. You'll learn:
  • how to stay optimistic and on message in tough times

  • how to create a "personal brand" that people will want to get behind

  • how to adapt to change and disappointment -- while never losing sight of your purpose and authenticity

  • how to effectively communicate, re-engage, and inspire others in difficult times

  • how to win the partnership of others (even detractors!) and to grow your network of supporters

  • how to instill a sense of hope, commitment, and resilience for those around you as a leader
Written by leadership expert and bestselling author Rebecca Shambaugh, Leadership Secrets of Hillary Clinton offers proven lessons for success from one of our finest modern exemplars.

pub date: 2010-02-12 | hardcover | 9780071664172