Michelle Gladieux

Meet Michelle Gladieux - engaging, inclusive, and forthright. Michelle and her 10-person team at Gladieux Consulting, based in Fort Wayne, IN, with employees throughout the Midwest, design and present seminars, strategic planning and executive coaching around the nation. 

Gladieux (Glad-ee-oh) has 18 years of teaching experience at 3 universities in Organizational Leadership programs, accepting her first faculty position at age 23. She's worked as a Human Resources and Training Director in the cold storage, robotics, and construction industries, in addition to her academic experience. 

She enjoys helping employees at all levels GROW. Clients include non-profits, government, military, and for-profit teams from diverse industries since she launched her business in 2004. Michelle visits national conferences as a keynote presenter and is described as a top gun in her field. Her first book, Communicate with Courage, will be available everywhere books are sold on November 1, 2022, from BK Publishers/Penguin Random House. She loves what she does, and it shows. 

Books by Michelle Gladieux