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Evan Handler is beloved by millions for portraying Harry Goldenblatt, divorce-lawyer-turned-husband to Kristin Davis's Charlotte York, on HBO's groundbreaking series, and films, "Sex and the City", as well as Charlie Runkle on Showtime's current "Californication" (scheduled to begin filming its seventh season in April 2013).

In addition to authoring two highly acclaimed books, Time on Fire: My Comedy of Terrors, and It's Only Temporary: The Good News and the Bad News of Being Alive, Evan has played leading roles in ABC's "It's Like, You Know . . .," and NBC's "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip," and made numerous memorable guest appearances on "Lost," "The West Wing," "Six Feet Under," "Necessary Roughness," and "Friends." In 2000, Evan played Larry Fine in ABC's TV movie "The Three Stooges."

On the big screen, Evan played a leading role in Ron Howard's "Ransom," starring Mel Gibson, and featured and leading roles Oliver Stone's "Natural Born Killers," "Taps," "The Chosen," and "Sweet Lorraine."

Prior to his work in film and television, Evan earned acclaim in seven Broadway productions, all performed between his twenty-first and thirtieth birthdays, and all in spite of losing nearly five years of that span to his fight against a supposedly "incurable" leukemia. During this time Evan starred in Broadway productions of "Six Degrees of Separation," "I Hate Hamlet," "Brighton Beach Memoirs," "Broadway Bound" and "Master Harold . . . and the boys."

Evan's first book, Time On Fire, recently reissued as an ebook for the first time (as well as paperback), details his unlikely recovery from the leukemia diagnosed in the mid-1980s. His second book, It's Only Temporary: The Good News and the Bad News of Being Alive, has also been reissued for the first time in both paperback and ebook formats. The book describes the years since the illness, and Handler's surprisingly circuitous journey toward gratitude, using tales of serial dating, absurd relationships, unexpected depressions, and, ultimately, lasting love and a miracle conception.

In addition to his work on the stage and screen, Handler has written for The New Yorker; Elle; O, the Oprah Magazine; USA Weekend; Mirabella, and is a regular contributor to Huffington Post.

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Time on Fire: My Comedy of Terrors