Carole Lynne

Carole Lynne was quite happy as founder of Singing for the Soul and Quality Performance Coaching for public speakers and performers. Little did she know that in mid-life, the world of spirit would let her know that she had the ability to communicate with the spirits of loved ones who had passed over. As those in spirit began to communicate with Carole Lynne, she knew that she was receiving an awesome gift and sacred responsibility. For years she studied both in the United States and Europe to learn how to use her gifts responsibly. She has become a popular psychic medium working in many countries. In this book, she reveals for the first time teachings from other entities known as "My Guidance" and "The Energy." Lynne is also author of the award-winning books ConsultYour Inner Psychic, How to Get a Good Reading from a Psychic Medium, and Heart and Sound. She divides her time between Boston and Maui.

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