Kanchan Moudgil

Kanchan Bhaskar is a first-time writer, born and brought up in New Delhi, India. She is blessed with three loving children—a daughter and twin boys—who are well-settled in their lives. Her compassion for and interest in people, coupled with her desire to work at the grassroots level and with mainframe people, prompted her to choose a related field of study. She earned a master’s degree in social work from the prestigious Delhi University, after which she completed a postgraduate certificate in personnel management and industrial relations. While pursuing her studies, she worked closely with people in rural areas, slums,
red-light districts, and resettlement colonies for their social and economic development. She also briefly worked in a psychiatric social work setting.

In 1987, Kanchan started her professional career in human resources at one of the global Fortune 500 companies. In 2000, she moved with her family to Syracuse, New York. Kanchan divorced her husband in 2003. She lived in Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, and Southern California before moving to Chicago, Illinois, where she continues to work in the corporate world.

During her thirty years of continuing career, earning business coach certification, and making a sincere attempt to earn an MBA degree from Syracuse University, which she was unable to finish due to her circumstances, she has trained hundreds of managers and blue-collar workers in competency development, leadership skills, team building, emotional intelligence, and related topics. For more than twenty years, she has mentored, counseled, and coached all levels of employees in the manufacturing and corporate environments.

Kanchan is now a certified advocate for domestic violence victims in the state of Illinois and is a volunteer speaker, mentor, and coach for victims and survivors.

Although she is a survivor of domestic violence, Kanchan prefers to call herself a fighter. She has no regrets in life and believes everything that happened was according to the blueprint He holds in His hands.

She strongly believes people have been given human form in order to serve a higher purpose and that it is their duty to discover that purpose and fulfill it in this life.

She lives in Chicago, overlooking a church with large green trees, which she believes bring good vibes to her house and her life.

Her Maltipoo, Fifi, is her companion and the love of her life.

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