The First 30 Days: Your Guide to Any Change (And Loving Your Life More)

Ariane de Bonvoisin

HarperOne,  May 2008

Has a change happened in your life that you are having trouble accepting? Is there a change you would like to make to help you love life more? If you answered yes to either of these questions, this is the book for you.

This year alone, many of us will fall in love, get in shape, and start new companies, while some of us will lose a job, deal with health complications, or get divorced. Although we often try to ignore change, whether good or bad, it is the one constant. Now, with The First 30 Days, we can learn how to embrace change, move through it, and successfully navigate the twists and turns of life.

The First 30 Days reveals how the beginning of any change is a pivotal time that can either leave us stressed and stuck or lead us forward in our lives with clarity and hope. Change coach Ariane de Bonvoisin provides the tools to make each change a new beginning, whether it is a change you want to make or one brought on by a situation out of your control. Ariane introduces nine principles that will help you develop an optimistic mind-set toward change, an attitude that encourages you to see that life is on your side and that good can come from even the most difficult circumstance. With real-life stories, practical exercises, and inspiring action points, The First 30 Days teaches the skills you need to face any change -- skills that will help you today and for the rest of your life.

Inside, discover:

  • How to develop a positive approach to change -- it can make all the difference.
  • The Change Guarantee -- from any change, something good can come.
  • Your Change Muscle -- you have one! Find out where it is and how to use it.
  • How to combat your Change Demons -- the negative emotions that want to hold you back.
  • How to build a Change Support Team -- who and what makes the most difference.

hardcover | ISBN: 9780061472831 | Publication Date: May 2008

"What could you do to start loving your life more? This book helps you answer that question and provides the tools you need to make it happen."
--Marci Shimoff, New York Times bestselling author of Happy for No Reason, Chicken Soup for the Women's Soul™, and featured teacher in The Secret

"Ariane has a wonderful, warm, inspiring approach to life, to changes we all go through and to what's important. This book is filled with ways to make change simpler, easier, and less stressful. I highly recommend it."
--Mike Dooley, author of Notes from the Universe and featured teacher in The Secret

"The First 30 Days is ideal for anyone going through a change, wanting to make a change or helping someone through a change. There are gems of wisdom in here that will make a difference in how we all get through change and transitions in life."
--Karen Salmansohn, bestselling author of How to be Happy, Dammit

"There is no getting around it: change is waiting for you right around the corner, so you might as well embrace it. Ariane de Bonvoisin shows you how. Practical and inspiring, The First 30 Days turns life's changes from a scary movie into a rollicking adventure."
--Arianna Huffington, editor-in-chief, The Huffington Post

"Ariane has a down to earth way of helping you see the very good side of change (it's not scary!), and her book is full of practical information that will both inspire and inform. This book is a must read."
--Cathie Black, New York Times bestselling author of Basic Black and president of Hearst Magazines

"Ariane is a new voice who can inspire and inform all of us going through change, whether it is big or small, professional or personal. The First 30 Days will encourage people to go from being fearful and alone to feeling optimistic and transformed."
--David Bach, author of The Automatic Millionaire

"The First 30 Days can help people change their lives."
--Richard Parsons, former CEO of Time Warner

"Since change is the only constant in life, it helps to have an expert navigate through the ups and downs of life. The First 30 Days is an excellent guide."
--Deepak Chopra, New York Times bestselling author of Buddha and The Third Jesus

"This beautiful book is like having a compassionate friend guiding you through the beginning stages of any major change in your life. I loved it."
--Wayne Dyer, New York Times bestselling author of Change Your Thoughts -- Change Your Life