Happiness at Work: Be Resilient, Motivated, and Successful No Matter What

Srikumar Rao, Ph.D.

McGraw Hill,  April 2010

Are You Happy at Work?

Do you wake up each day radiantly alive and brimming with cheer?
Do you derive deep meaning from what you do?
Are you so passionate about your work that you would almost pay for the privilege of doing it?

These are just a few of the provocative questions that Dr. Srikumar Rao poses in this book, which is based on his wildly popular classes at schools such as Columbia Business School, the Haas School of Business at the University of California at Berkeley, and the London School of Business. Offering a radically different, Zen-like approach to business success, Dr. Rao's profound teachings redefine what it means to be successful, rich, and happy -- especially when the economy and job market throw you for a loop. This is no ordinary business book. This is Happiness at Work.

When you're worried about your job, future, and monthly bills, should you really be asking yourself, Am I happy?

Yes, because happiness works.

That's the simple but profound message behind Happiness at Work, an interactive book based on Dr. Srikumar Rao's renowned teachings at the world's most prestigious business schools. Using thought-provoking exercises and inspiring life lessons drawn from ancient wisdom, world history, and business, this transformative guide shows you how to reclaim your joy for living -- and create your own vision of success.

Learn how to:
  • Greet each day with a sense of purpose.
  • Commit intensely -- and joyfully -- to everything you do.
  • Stop defining your life with "good" or "bad" labels.
  • Create your own miracles -- no matter what life throws at you.
  • Attract positive people, energy, and actions into your universe.
Dr. Rao's life-altering program will enlighten, amaze, edify, and inspire you, even in the most challenging of times. You'll learn how positive thinking and affirmations can actually be bad for you -- and how some of the things that you may desperately want can be the very things that devastate you. You'll discover a new path to success based on your unique definition of what success means. And, with each exercise in the book, you'll make a more profound connection to the joy that already exists in your heart.

Happiness doesn't come from your job, house, or bank account -- it comes from within yourself.

hardcover | ISBN: 9780071664325 | Publication Date: April 2010

"Follow Srikumar Rao's instructions and you will enjoy the journey to more happiness and meaning in your life, no matter what!"
--From the Foreword by Marshall Goldsmith, author of What Got You Here Won't Get You There

"Happiness at Work brings new understanding of the essential role that happiness plays in workplace learning and performance. Srikumar Rao's guidelines for our journey to leadership include aspects rarely explored and newly significant. Cheers for Happiness at Work."
--Frances Hesselbein, Chairman and Founding President, Leader to Leader Institute

"This book is a treasure chest full of wisdom. Each and every one of its 34 chapters introduced me to, or reminded me of, a very important principle for living a happy and successful life."
--Jack Canfield, Cocreator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul® series and Coauthor of The Success Principles