The Divorce Party

Laura Dave

Penguin,  April 2009

Gwyn Huntington knows how to throw a party. And Hunt Hall, her postcard perfect Victorian home in Montauk, is no stranger to celebrations. But on the morning of her thirty-fifth wedding anniversary, she's putting finishing touches on the last party she'll host there: a party to celebrate her divorce.

Just over one hundred miles away, Gwyn's future daughter-in-law, Maggi Mackenzie, sits on the floor of her Brooklyn apartment attempting to organize her new life. She's in love with a wonderful man, and today she is meeting his family for the first time.

The Divorce Party takes us into the lives of these two women at opposite ends of marriage. For all the differences between them -- distance, privilege age -- Gwyn and Maggie have one thing in common. Each has found herself a a crossroads, facing the same question: How hard should you work to stay with the person you love?

Insightful, funny, and deeply moving, The Divorce Party will touch anyone whose heart has weathered an unexpected storm.

paperback | ISBN: 9780143115601 | Publication Date: April 2009

"A gem. Mature, moving, and real, with extraordinary depth and feeling. Read it. You won't be disappointed."
--Jane Green, author of The Beach House

"I love The Divorce Party for so many reasons. It is funny, absorbing, and heartwarming -- like having a glass of wine with your most insightful friend."
--Emily Giffin, New York Times bestselling author of Love the One You're With

"A revealing, honest portrait of how love binds us together -- and drives us apart . . . I love this book!"
--Kate Jacobs, New York Times, bestselling author of The Friday Night Knitting Club

"Factor : SPF 50. A secret marriage, lies about affairs and money . . . No surprise this steamy story has been optioned by Universal Pictures."
--USA Today

"Events unfold over the course of a day, but the lessons teamed have their roots in a lifetime."                   

"Elegant, accessible prose and compelling portraits of relationships, she has cultivated a star following."

"You might think Dave would play this scenario for laughs, but she delivers plenty of poignant twinges." --Newsday

"Dave dives headfirst into the scary notion of sharing your life with someone, warts and all."
--Marie Claire

"Insightful . . . The Divorce Party is a wry and observant novel about the relationship between an engaged woman and a woman on the verge of divorce, and the latter woman's divorce party."
--The Boston Globe

"How well do you know the person you love? How hard would you fight if that relationship were threatened? Those questions lie at the heart of Laura Dave's The Divorce Party and the answers aren't as clear cut as one might think."
--San Francisco Chronicle

"In lustrous, supple language and with breathtaking acuity, Laura Dave explores the intricate inner lives of two women as they struggle to know the men they love . . . They face the same thorny question: how many lies -- and how much truth -- can love bear?"
-Marisa de los Santos, author of Love Walked In

"Author Dave creates an intimate story about love, life, and new beginnings that will touch readers as her two strong women protagonists discover just how strong they really are."

"It would be a mistake to dismiss Laura's Dave new novel, The Divorce Party . . . It's about the Hamptons, secrets, ambition, love, and betrayal. And yes, in there is a bash to honor the end of a union, too."

"The Divorce Party examines young love, new love, destroyed love, and love after divorce . . . Laura Dave gets to the heart of true love in a way that makes the reader believe in love, even in the face of divorce . . . Riveting."
--Book Reporter