Traveling Hopefully: How to Lose Your Family Baggage and Jumpstart Your Life

Libby Gill

St. Martin's Press,  October 2004

Are you living a life based on who you really are or one built on outdated messages from your past? Is your past negatively influencing your present and potentially derailing your future? What if you could shift your perspective from limiting to liberating?

Now you can learn to let go of your baggage and create a life of passion and purpose. Success strategist and executive coach Libby Gill is your partner in life change as she shares her inspiring story and guides readers step-by-step through the journey of self-transformation.

With courage and candor, Libby poignantly discloses how she struggled with a family legacy that included divorce, mental illness, and molestation, robbing her of her best possible life until she learned to dissect the past so she could direct the future. With a transformative process she calls the Five Steps to Jumpstart Your Life, Libby provides practical tools and down-to-earth insights that translate abstract concepts into concrete action.

The twenty-one Hopeful Tools are easy-to-follow exercises that take readers through this process, showing them how to:

-Dissect the past to direct the future
-Link internal clarity with external action
-Create a "Traveling Hopefully" personal road map
-Recruit a support squad to provide information and inspiration
-Keep moving toward what you want and away from what no longer serves you

hardcover | ISBN: 9780312323943 | Publication Date: October 2004

"By having insight and courage to take off the social mask and get real about the toxic family legacy that initially distorted her self-image, decision-making process, and approach to life, Libby Gill has created an inspirational account of how she decided to lose her family baggage and reclaim her life. She claims that if she can do it, anyone can do it -- it just takes a commitment to live by design and not by default." --Dr. Phil McGraw

"Have you ever wanted a fresh start in life? More passion? A map to success and happiness? By picking up this book, you have found it! Libby Gill can help you leave the years of emotional baggage behind and take in that first electrifying breath of freedom! Traveling Hopefully will show you the way to Live and Finish Rich in mind and spirit!" --David Bach, bestselling author of The Automatic Millionaire and Smart Women Finish Rich

"Libby courageously shares her personal journey working through many of the important life questions we all need to address in language that is thoughtful and inspiring. Her example encourages us all to think in deeply personal terms not only about the choices we are making in our lives, but about why we are making them." --Maggie Craddock, author of The Authentic Career

"Libby Gill has written a book that is sure to inspire everyone to get more out of life. If you want to shed the past and create a new path, then Traveling Hopefully is the book for you." --David J. Lieberman, Ph.D., author of the New York Times bestseller Make Peace with Anyone

"Many of us need a little push to jumpstart our lives. Libby's advice has been a huge help to me . . . and will be invaluable to you, too." --Harvey Karp, M.D., pediatrician and bestselling author of The Happiest Baby on the Block and The Happiest Toddler on the Block

"Traveling Hopefully is like a blast of energy, providing inspiration and information within a framework of realistic expectations." --Cristina Ferrare, author of Realistically Ever After and Okay, So I Don't Have a Headache