Four Wives: A Novel

Wendy Walker

St. Martin's Press,  February 2008

In Wendy Walker's brilliant debut novel, the lives of four wives and mothers intertwine in an insightful tale of suburban life set amid outrageous wealth.

Love Welsh, Marie Passeti, Gayle Beck, and Janie Kirk seem to lead enviable lives, with marriages to handsome, successful men; bright, happy children; and beautiful homes. But in the suburb of Hunting Ridge, appearances mask a deeper truth: The women try to maintain flawless façades, yet each faces crisis of infidelity, personal integrity, and self-doubt. As springtime draws to an end, they face the most difficult and heart-wrenching challenges of their lives. Each must reconcile her most authentic self with the life she has chosen.

hardcover | ISBN: 9780312367718 | Publication Date: February 2008

Walker's first novel is a treat. It's well written and features great characters, lots of humor, and dead-on analysis of friendship, marriage, and motherhood.
-Library Journal