Cash-Rich Retirement: Use the Investing Techniques of the Mega-Wealthy to Secure Your Retirement Future

Jim Schlagheck

St. Martins,  March 2008

Cash-Rich Retirement, as seen on the public television series Retirement Revolution, brings the investing strategies of the mega-rich to everyday people. It breaks with conventional advice that tells the public to invest mightily in stocks, flip holdings, and seek capital gains. Hogwash! Says private banker and investment advisor Jim Schlagheck. Forget speculative "gains." Invest instead for prudent income. Save. Build a "life-cycle" annuity package for lifetime retirement income. Focus on dividend-, interest-, and rent-producing investments and insurance.

Cash-Rich Retirement is provocative and practical. Schlagheck makes private-banking investment strategies available to any investor. His income and annuity strategies are unique. He also puts retirement within reach of today's average American with six straight-shooting, show-me-the-money steps:

  • Change your "automatic pilot."
  • Diversify your holdings in radically different ways.
  • Build out your investment plan with funds and objective research.
  • Get all the professional help you can.
  • Build income streams with a ladder of annuities.
  • Invest in long-term health care insurance

hardcover | ISBN: 9780312377403 | Publication Date: March 2008