The Truth About Back Pain: A Revolutionary, Individualized Approach to Diagnosing and Healing Back Pain

Todd Sinett, DC, and Sheldon Sinett, DC

Perigee Trade,  March 2008

A diagnostic and therapeutic breakthrough that helps you move beyond the pain.

When it comes to back pain, most health practitioners focus on locating and treating only the physical causes. A few may look to the mind/ body connection for the emotional underpinnings of pain. But virtually no one uses the three-tiered approach presented in this book.

The Truth About Back Pain dispels the many myths of back pain as it offers an innovative and flexible prescription. This holistic new approach to diagnosis and treatment is based on the idea that back pain can be caused by one or more of three distinct factors: structural -- actual physical damage; nutritional -- an unhealthy diet (as well as toxic influences or hormonal changes); and emotional -- stress and personal issues that affect your health.

Instead of radical untested therapies or surgical treatments, The Truth About Back Pain proposes solutions that use noninvasive physical and easy-to-implement mental techniques. Offering concrete and specific advice ranging from exercises and meal plans to methods for dealing with everyday stress, this book will provide you with all the tools you need to understand the root causes of your back pain -- and to take the appropriate measures for relief.

hardcover | ISBN: 9780399533938 | Publication Date: March 2008

"This is the best work that I've read in quite some time concerning the treatment of back pain. It is easy to read and provides information that readers can implement immediately into their everyday lives. I have already incorporated some of Dr. Sinett's ideas into my own practice and my patients have seen the results."
--Peter Ottone, DC

"There are so many causes of back pain that unless a patient becomes more aware of what is causing his or her problem, it makes it difficult to help them remain pain-free. I will gladly recommend this book to my clients, as anything that helps them helps me."
--Rachel Williams, physical therapist

"It is refreshing to see that someone has looked at the interaction between diet and other aspects of our physiology. This book takes a thorough look at the connections between diet and back pain and offers a step-by-step, nutritionally sound approach to back pain relief."
--Stephanie Clarke, MSc, RD, and Willow Jarosh, MSc, RD

"Sit-ups and crunches have long been thought to be a necessary part of a good workout. The Truth About Back Pain showed me that when my next client asks for exercises that will give him or her a 'strong six-pack,' I'll teach some of the 'safe back' exercises recommended in this book."
--Eric von Frohlich. personal trainer

"The highest compliment I can give another professional is that of a patient referral. I send many of my patients who complain of neck and back pain to Dr. Sinett, because I know he'll be able to help them. His book is a great gift to back and neck pain sufferers because now he can help even more people."
--Louis Morledge, MD

"A must-read for anyone suffering from back pain."
--Maria Herrera, MD, physiatrist

"A good back program like the one in The Truth About Back Pain can make a big difference in people's lives."
--Jeff Silber, MD, orthopedic surgeon

"Finally an approachable and comprehensive guide to understanding the relationship between psychological and neurological pain that will be indispensable to the clinician and patient alike . . . This groundbreaking work provides new understandings into the body-mind connection. As a psychotherapist I find that the principles in this book have allowed my patients to achieve the physical and emotional healing which we all seek."
--Leslie K. Bornstein, LCSW, BCD