Unholy Grail: A Novel

D.L. Wilson

Berkley,  April 2007

A Hidden Gospel
Throughout the centuries, it was shrouded in mystery, entrusted to a precious few. But now the guardians of what has become known as the secret gospel are mysteriously dying -- their bodies scarred with the stigmata.

A Secret Unveiled
A series of French articles -- supposedly based on the writings of Jesus's brother James -- has revealed that the descendants of Christ exist to this very day.

A Man's Revenge
Now, one man has taken the name of the archangel Gabriel and has embarked on a quest to protect Christianity's innocence by eliminating all who could expose the secrets of the gospel -- and its connection to the Holy Grail . . .

paperback | ISBN: 9780425214787 | Publication Date: April 2007

"A tale rich with intrigue that grips the imagination. A must read."
--Clive Cussler

"Dan Brown fans will not be disappointed as [the novel] climbs from the bowels of Grand Central to the streets of Rome to an incendiary conclusion high in the French Alps."
--Andrew Gross, New York Times bestselling coauthor of Lifeguard and Judge & Jury

"Unholy Grail is a runaway train of a novel, taking readers through a maze of intrigue, betrayal, and murder, all within the rarefied framework of the Catholic Church's ultra-secret  intelligentsia. Comparisons to The Da Vinci Code are inevitable, but make no mistake: D.L. Wilson is not a Dan Brown clone. He is a master storyteller who takes this new genre -- let's call it the religious thriller -- to an unholy new level."
--Molly Cochran, EdgarŽ Award-winning and New York Times bestselling coauthor of Grandmaster and The Forever King

"Absolutely thrilling. Unholy Grail is a compulsive read loaded with suspense. D.L. Wilson has crafted a story that will leave you on the edge of your seat and gasping for breath."
--Lynn Hightower, author of When Secrets Die and The Debt Collector

"A well-crafted suspense thriller that delivers its first twist on page one. From the hallowed halls of academia to the revered sanctuary of the church, D.L. Wilson weaves a masterful tale of serial murder, secrecy, and deception. Well-developed characters, extraordinary insight, and expert pacing, combine for an edge-of-your-seat read."
--Thomas O'Callaghan, author of Bone Thief