100 Minds That Made the Market

Ken Fisher

Wiley,  August 2007

Over the course of nearly two centuries, the innovations, mistakes, and scandals of many different market participants have all played an important role in shaping today's financial markets.

Now, in 100 Minds That Made the Market, Ken Fisher delivers cameo biographies of these pioneers of American financial history. From Joe Kennedy's "sexcapades" to Jesse Livermore's suicide, this book details the drama, the dirt, and the financial principles of an amazingly inventive group of financial minds. Fisher digs deep to uncover the careers, personal lives, and contributions of these individuals, and leads you through the lessons that can be learned from each one. Here you have 100 of the best teachers -- some you already know, some you will feel you know, and some you have not yet come upon -- whose experiences will undoubtedly enhance your understanding of the markets.

WIth only a few pages dedicated to each person, 100 Minds That Made the Market quickly captures the essence of the people -- and ideas -- that have influenced the evolution of the financial industry.

paperback | ISBN: 9780470139516 | Publication Date: August 2007