Y-Size Your Business: How Gen Y Employees Can Save You Money and Grow Your Business

Jason Ryan Dorsey

Wiley,  November 2009

Generation Y -- sometimes called Millennials -- are the fastest growing segment in America's workforce. Almost 80 million strong, they already comprise the entire 18-to-32 demographic. Along with their ever-present cell phones and new definition of "business casual," they bring tremendous potential to the workplace (just ask, they'll tell you). However, Generation Y's approach to employment can make them a challenge for managers and executives to attract, retain, motivate, and develop.

In Y-Size Your Business, Jason Ryan Dorsey -- The Gen Y Guy® -- shows you why embracing Gen Y employees gives you an immediate competitive advantage and positions your business for long-term growth. In today's economy, the opportunity Gen Y presents has never been more attractive. Gen Y is cost-effective to employ, brings a timely skill set to the workplace, and wants to make a difference from their first day of employment.

A member of Gen Y himself, Dorsey gives you an insider's perspective on how these career starters and young professionals think and act. He then reveals a step-by-step methodology for attracting, retaining, and motivating productive, high-performing Gen Y employees -- and how to do so without investing a lot of time or money. To make the methodology easy to implement, Dorsey includes more than fifty inexpensive, ready-to-use strategies that deliver fast, measurable results.

Companies that wisely choose to embrace Gen Y employees today will be well positioned to navigate the global economy tomorrow. Not only will these companies benefit from the talents and ambitions of Gen Y -- they'll also benefit from Gen Y's increasing economic influence and massive social networks.

Based on Dorsey's frontline work with business leaders around the world -- as a keynote speaker, consultant, and generational expert -- Y-Size Your Business presents precisely the solutions you need to make the most of a generation growing in importance and ready to make an impact on your bottom line right away (and blog about it!).

hardcover | ISBN: 9780470505564 | Publication Date: November 2009

"Jason's insights into the Gen Y employee are both original and eye-opening. His engaging and timely book will help employers from every industry better understand their Gen Y employees and, more importantly, make a powerful connection with them that can reap huge rewards for all."
--Kathleen Taylor, President and Chief Operating Officer, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

"Jason brings a valuable new perspective to the Gen Y employment conversation. He shows you how to make the most of his generation's strengths while building on the talents of employees of all ages."
--Dan Beem, President, Cold Stone Creamery International

"Jason Ryan Dorsey is able to build the bridge of understanding between generations. He gets us. He gets them. And in Y-Size Your Business, he gives us the tools to translate, adapt, and embrace the fastest growing generation in the workplace."
--Betsy McLaughlin, CEO, Hot Topic

"Y-Size Your Business delivers the behind-the-scenes insight and practical how-to that business leaders need to compete in our global economy. The Y-Size approach will make your Gen Y employees more valuable from their very first day."
--Steve Fleming, Executive Vice President of Sales, Ceridian Canada

"If you want to build a winning team, you need to have heavy Gen Y representation. Jason's book shows you how to recruit, motivate, retain, and maximize this new generation of digital natives."
--Tim Sanders, former Chief Solutions Officer, Yahoo!, and author of Love Is the Killer App

"Engaging and connecting with Gen Y is crucial in today's workplace. Jason not only understands this, he has lived it! In Y-Size Your Business, he lets us in on the secret in a relatable and highly entertaining way. This book is full of step-by-step ideas that are easy to learn and ready to implement."
--Barry Sims, CEO, Taco John's International