Body Signs: From Warning Signs to False Alarms...How to Be Your Own Diagnostic Detective

Joan Liebmann-Smith & Jacqueline Egan

Bantam,  December 2007

We all notice things about our bodies that don't seem quite right. But when are these simply harmless physical quirks and when are they signs that a visit to the doctor is in order? This comprehensive and fascinating guide covers every body part from head to toe -- and everything in between -- to help you decode the often mysterious messages your body sends you.

From brittle hair to hair in all the wrong places, a tingling tush, mismatched eyes, streaked nails, inverted nipples, and excessive flatulence, to name just a few, the body supplies endless signs regarding its state of health and wellness. Most of the time these require nothing more than a trip to the drugstore or cosmetic counter, or no treatment at all. At other times further attention is needed. So here's the lowdown on what's happening "down there," the scoop on poop, straight talk about your joints, and a host of essential, even entertaining information on everything you ever wanted to know about your body -- but might have been hesitant to ask even your doctor.

Drawn from cutting-edge research and the latest scientific literature, and vetted by a panel of medical experts, this remarkable book also includes historical trivia and fascinating factoids about each body area in question, plus an invaluable resource section. Whether you have a health concern or simply enjoy playing medical detective, Body Signs will not only absorb and inform you but will help you gain a more intimate understanding of the wondrous workings of your body.

hardcover | ISBN: 9780553805079 | Publication Date: December 2007

"Quite thorough and packed with information, a handy and entertaining resource that fulfills its mission 'to alert you, warn you, and maybe even scare you into going to the doctor… and save you the time, expense and anxiety of going' when one isn't needed."
--Publishers Weekly

"Lively and engagingly written, Body Signs is the perfect book for people fascinated by how the human body works. Read it and you'll know what to worry about and what to ignore."
—Barbara Kantrowitz, co-author of Is It Hot in Here? Or Is It Me? The Complete Guide to Menopause

"Body Signs is indispensable. It's the ultimate catalog of our bodies' quirks, symptoms, and trouble spots—and a valuable guide to telling the amusing from the alarming. Written in a calm, clear voice, it's often funny, always informative, and potentially life-saving."
—Joel Gurin, former Editorial Director, Consumer Reports

"Body Signs is an exceptionally well written and topical book on health. I found it chock-full of informative and interesting tidbits, substantiated by scientific research. The book is easy to read and has something to offer for everyone. I certainly learnt some fascinating medical facts! "
—Gayatri Devi, MD Clinical Associate Professor of Neurology and Psychiatry, NYU School of Medicine; President, National Council on Women's Health