The Triple Whammy Cure: The Breakthrough Women's Health Program for Feeling Good Again in 3 Weeks

David Edelberg, M.D. with Heidi Hough

Free Press,  January 2006

Is this your life? You've been feeling just plain awful for far too long -- depressed, exhausted, achy, stressed-out, bloated, and forgetful. In fact, you're beginning to find it hard to remember the last time you felt really well -- or even just okay. So you go to the doctor -- perhaps even a series of doctors -- who tell you either that your test results are normal and you're fine or that you have to learn to live with your symptoms. Maybe they even prescribe medications that don't help or that knock you out with side effects. You're fed up. You want your health back. If this sounds familiar, read on.

You may be suffering from what Dr. David Edelberg calls the "Triple Whammy" -- a three-pronged assault on body and mind made up of unrelenting stress, low levels of the feel-good brain chemical serotonin, and your ever-shifting hormones. You can benefit from The Triple Whammy Cure, a simple but highly effective three-week plan that can stop this devastating attack and let you feel good again. It's important to take action now because, if Triple Whammy symptoms aren't stopped, Triple Whammy disorders can eventually develop: chronic anxiety, chronic fatigue syndrome, memory loss, PMS, menopause problems, postpartum depression, depression, fibromyalgia, wintertime blues, TMJ, irritable bowel syndrome, brain fog, migraines, sleep problems, overeating, and weight gain. If you've been diagnosed with one or more of these, you can start feeling better soon by following the Three-Week Cure and the special healing path provided for your condition.

Author Dr. David Edelberg is a recognized pioneer in treating chronic illnesses and a practicing physician with thirty years of clinical experience. Dr. Edelberg's Triple Whammy Cure is a natural program that provides powerful but easy solutions for each of the three whammies, with steps that include: boosting your serotonin levels without taking an antidepressant, natural supplements backed up by the best studies for smoothing hormonal swings, and a stress-relief menu that's more fun than work. There's also a delicious serotonin-boosting eating plan. And reading his healing paths for Triple Whammy disorders is like having a virtual appointment with Dr. Edelberg.

The Triple Whammy Cure is so simple that Dr. Edelberg's thousands of patients wondered how it would work -- until they tried it themselves and felt so much better only twenty-one days later. Case stories in the book show how these patients got their lives back. Now, The Triple Whammy Cure can help you get back your life, too.

hardcover | ISBN: 9780743269070 | Publication Date: January 2006

"A game plan for getting better from the doldrums of life. This sensible program helps you rediscover your hidden vitality." --Mehmet Oz, M.D., author of Healing from the Heart and coauthor of YOU: The Owner's Manual

"The Triple Whammy Cure is a godsend for women. Dr. Edelberg has done a masterful job distilling years of keen clinical insight with the latest research on hormones, stress, nutrition, and lifestyle. The end result is a highly readable and utterly practical, user-friendly program that promises to transform the lives of millions of women." --Christiane Northrup, M.D., author of Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom and Mother-Daughter Wisdom

"David Edelberg is an educator, an entertainer, and a wise guide lighting a path toward healing in The Triple Whammy Cure. He clearly explains why women of today feel tired and stressed, and gives them a step-by-step approach to feeling better, quickly. I will give this book to all of my women patients, and I know that they will thank me for it." --Glenn S. Rothfeld, M.D., medical director, WholeHealth New England, assistant clinical professor, Tufts University School of Medicine, Boston

"This is a wonderful program, easy to follow and implement. I highly recommend it to any woman who has been hit by the 'Triple Whammy.'" --Frank Lipman, M.D., author of Total Renewal

"The Triple Whammy Cure is destined to become a commonsense health classic. The advice Dr. Edelberg offers in this book reads like nutrition for the body/mind/spirit. This is one book all mothers should give their daughters." --Caroline Myss, author of Invisible Acts of Power and Anatomy of the Spirit

"Dr. Edelberg's book provides a wonderful, timely solution for women today who have figured out that medicine alone won't heal their stress. If you are stressed, and who isn't these days, you need this book." --Mona Lisa Schulz, M.D., Ph.D., author of The New Feminine Brain and Awakening Intuition