So Damn Lucky

Deborah Coonts

Forge Books,  February 2012

Magician Dimitri Fortunoff appears to have a fatal accident during the final trick of the performance that marks the end of the forty year run of one of Las Vegas's most renowned burlesque shows. Soon after, his body disappears, and it's up to Lucky O'Toole to investigate. Head of Customer Relations for the Babylon resort, the crown jewel of the megaresorts dotting the Las Vegas Strip, Lucky has the brains and resources to find out what really happened to Fortunoff -- and why.

But the timing couldn't be worse. Her live-in lover, Teddie, has morphed into a rock star and has been swallowed whole by life on the road. Her mother, Mona -- pregnant, petulant, and perpetually underfoot -- is giving new meaning to the term "high maintenance." Paxton Dane, a handsome Texan long on charisma and short on history, is forcing himself into the void of Teddie's absence, and a suave French chef is proving to be equal parts charm and venom, seasoned with a dash of irresistible.

Did Dimitri Fortunoff really die, or is this an elaborate hoax? The trail leads Lucky through the miles of storm culverts under the city of Las Vegas, to the hordes of believers who gather for a glimpse of a UFO, then culminates on the catwalk above the crowd attending the annual Harry Houdini Seance, on Halloween, where Lucky must risk her life to catch a killer.

Las Vegas expert Deborah Coonts thrills again with this third installment in her dazzling series focused on casino "problem solver" Lucky O'Toole.

Hardcover | ISBN: 9780765364586b | Publication Date: February 2012


"Outrageously imaginative, characters, high-stakes action, sizzling love affairs, deadly enemies, naughty humor, and never-saw-it-coming twists. Irresistible!"
-- Sophie Littlefield, Edgar Award finalist and author of A Bad Day for Pretty, on Lucky Stiff

"A winner on every level . . . Against a flawlessly rendered Las Vegas backdrop, Lucky's story is funny, fast paced, exuberant, and brilliantly realized."
-- Susan Wiggs, New York Times bestselling author of Just Breathe, on Wanna Get Lucky?

"Las Vegas is the perfect setting for this witty tale of misdirection and larger-than-life characters. Fans of J. A . Konrath's Jack Daniels series will love this."
-- Library Journal, (starred review) on Lucky Stiff

"More fun than a winning streak in Vegas!"
-- Diane Mott Davidson, New York Times bestselling author of Fatally Flaky, on Wanna Get Lucky?

"Coonts covers Sin City territory with a dash of CSI and Janet Evanovich in her second glitzy, lighthearted novel."
-- Publishers Weekly on Lucky Stiff

"Deliciously raunchy, with humorous takes on sexual proclivities, Vegas glitz and love, though Agatha Christie is probably spinning in her grave."
-- Kirkus Reviews on Wanna Get Lucky?

"This is chick-lit gone wild and sexy, lightly wrapped in mystery and tied up with a brilliantly flashing neon bow . . . Wanna Get Lucky? hits the proverbial jackpot."
-- Booklist