Live Well on Less Than You Think: The New York Times Guide to Achieving Your Financial Freedom

Fred Brock

Times Books,  January 2005

From the bestselling author of Retire on Less Than You Think comes the authoritative source for successfully achieving financial survival -- and prosperity -- in today's uncertain economy.

Fred Brock turned the conventional wisdom on its head in his bestselling book Retire on Less Than You Think, and here he uncovers ways to bolster your financial health during your working years. Turning his attention to the hype that surrounds money decisions -- endless offers for "no-strings" credit cards, trade-up incentives, hard-sell insurance plans, scares about retirement needs -- Brock shows how it is possible to keep your balance and build a secure and prosperous household.

Brock's approach is simple: Instead of taking the financial industry at face value, buying into its latest products and promises, you can take control of your expenses and essentially give yourself a raise, making your money go further in today's tight economy. Brock offers his distinctive brand of savvy, updated thinking, and real-world examples about how to

assess the real money value of your job and your location cut expensive habits and pay attention to the little things to boost your savings get to the bottom line on insurance and health rates  manage major expenses, like college tuition and cars  play the credit card game to your advantage

Filled with shrewd analysis and practical resources, Live Well on Less Than You Think provides the tools to live with fewer debts and fewer worries, today and in the future.

paperback | ISBN: 9780805077254 | Publication Date: January 2005

"Fred Brock provides the sort of street-smart, commonsense, take-charge thinking that is too often missing in financial advice. Living Well on Less is empowering, but, more important, it is -- with Brock's fresh thinking and examples -- also achievable." --Stephen M. Pollan, author of Fire Your Boss and Die Broke