Health Care on Less Than You Think

Fred Brock

Henry Holt,  October 2006

From bestselling author Fred Brock, the first ever hands-on guide to managing your family's health-care costs -- and maximizing your coverage

With Retire on Less Than You Think and Live Well on Less Than You Think, Fred Brock inspired families to focus on increasing wealth by decreasing expenses -- rather than chasing investment fads -- and by following his distinctively achievable, pragmatic strategies. He now tackles the most alarming financial issue facing Americans today: the health-care crisis that is stifling job changes, bankrupting families, and unsettling retirement plans.

Brock investigates the best insurance options available, offering a one-stop guide to maximizing your coverage while minimizing your costs -- with potential savings of thousands of dollars each year. Drawing on the experiences of regular Americans and his practical, dollars-driven analysis, he shows how to

  • choose among the health plans and minimize costs based on location 
  • shop for coverage when your job does not provide insurance 
  • assess whether health savings accounts help your budget 
  • track down the biggest savings on prescription drug costs 
  • master your insurer's fine print and win battles over payments 
  • manage Medicare and long-term-care insurance to protect your retirement savings 

Worksheets and a handy resource list give you the tools to manage your health and your budget.

Once again, Fred Brock provides unrivaled, objective, and essential financial reporting and advice to safeguard the wallets of American families.

paperback | ISBN: 9780805079807 | Publication Date: October 2006