The Gluten-Free Revolution: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know about Losing the Wheat, Reclaiming Your Health, and Eating Happily Ever After

Jax Peters Lowell

Holt,  February 2015

The groundbreaking twentieth-anniversary edition of the book that started a revolution from the author who fired the first shot. The ultimate and indispensable guide to living -- whether by choice or by diagnosis -- your best and healthiest life without gluten

With a keen intellect, a bone-deep humor, her trademark gift for storytelling, and the help of the best medical experts in their fields, Jax Peters Lowell separates truth from trend and provides the essential road map to pleasures, pitfalls, complications, and practicalities of what it means to be gluten-free today. Employing the latest research on celiac disease, non-celiac gluten sensitivity, and associated conditions and offering practical advice on shopping, cooking, entertaining, traveling, college, dating, raising healthy kids, and compatibility with other diets, she leaves no dots unconnected. She tackles tough issues such as processed food, GMOs, pesticides, antibiotics, hormones, and the impact of the epidemic of food allergies and, with extraordinary recipes from superstar chefs, makes a compelling and delicious case for taking the healthier and more conscious path. With its enormous breadth and scope, impeccable research, and surprising heart, The Gluten-Free Revolution is the definitive resource, a must-have for every gluten-free library.

Paperback | ISBN: 9780805099539 | Publication Date: February 2015


"A terrifically entertaining read! This comprehensive and informative guide empowers both the newly and long-time diagnosed to successfully navigate the celiac and gluten intolerant landscape."
-- Marilyn Geller, CEO, Celiac Disease Foundation

"The Gluten-Free Revolution is a book to which attention must be paid. Jax Peters Lowell takes us on a delicious journey of health, life, love, activism and revolutionary thinking. The last…and best book on gluten-free you will ever need."
-- Christina Pirello, bestselling author and Emmy award-winning host of Christina Cooks

"Jax Peters Lowell has written a wise and funny encyclopedia, with facts, food, and instructions. Poet and pragmatist, she has created a rich and spicy (G-F) stew of what matters most for a good life with celiac disease."
-- Martin J. Blaser, MD, author of Missing Microbes, Director, Human Microbiome Program, New York University

"Jax Peters Lowell has done it again! An important and super informative book that covers all the bases.  Beautifully written, an absolute joy to read."
-- Alicia Woodward, Editor-in-Chief, Living Without's Gluten-Free & More

"The Gluten Free Revolution is well worth waiting 20 years for! Jax Peters Lowell gives us an immensely readable book, a bountiful feast of facts and foods that both informs and celebrates living gluten free with style and panache."
-- Elaine Monarch, Founder, Celiac Disease Foundation

"A comprehensive guide filled with answers to every question a newly diagnosed patient could possibly have – and then even more! Lowell has penned a remarkable resource every clinician should recommend."
-- Ritu Verma, MD, Director, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Celiac Center

"Such a lot of information of such good quality. A must for those who plan on going gluten-free!"
-- Peter HR Green, MD, Director, Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University, Phyllis & Ivan Seidenberg Professor of Medicine, Columbia University

"The Gluten-Free Revolution is smart, meticulously researched, packed with information and surprisingly funny. Lowell's knowledge is vast, and her ability to make clear complicated medical concepts uncanny. This is an important work, not only for those who live with gluten intolerance, but for all who cope with overlapping conditions."
-- Frederick B.Vivino, MD, Director, University of Pennsylvania, Sjögren's Syndrome Center

"Jax has given us a tremendous gift! With humor, down-to-earth comfort, inspiring stories and impressive research, she makes us laugh and rethink; gives new depth to our knowledge and helps us survive the emotional challenges and practicalities of the gluten-free lifestyle."
-- Janet Y. Rinehart, Chairman, Houston Celiac Support Group, Past President, Celiac Support Association