Man Camp: A Novel

Adrienne Brodeur

Ballantine,  June 2006

If males will go to any length to attract females in the animal kingdom, why are their human counterparts so hopeless in courtship? This is the question biologist Lucy Stone and her best friend, Martha McKenna, tackle daily. Consider Adam, Lucy's boyfriend, who demonstrates on a romantic camping trip that he can't build a fire or jump-start a car. Or take Jesse, Martha's neurotic brother, who can't summon the courage to ask out the woman he's crazy about. But on the other hand, there's chivalrous and charming Cooper Tuckington, Lucy's best friend from college, born and bred on his family's dairy farm. Surely, think Martha and Lucy, the men in their lives would benefit from the tutelage of someone like Cooper, who rewires lamps, builds shelves, and pulls out chairs for the ladies.

Thus, Man Camp is born. Lucy and Martha convince Adam, Jesse, and a handful of their other male acquaintances to visit Cooper's farm, where they will learn exactly how to treat a woman. But the guys soon prove themselves in ways the women would never have imagined -- and in the process, Lucy and Martha discover surprising new things about life and love.

paperback | ISBN: 9780812971903 | Publication Date: June 2006

"Adrienne Brodeur is the Audubon of love and mating habits in the big city. One peek through her binoculars and you'll be hooked. Funny, disarming, and real, Man Camp is a dazzling debut by a gifted writer with a big heart."
--Adriana Trigiani, author of the Big Stone Gap novels and Rococo

"If you've ever fantasized about unleashing your man's inner beast, then this fun, lighthearted book is for you!"
--Cosmopolitan "Red-Hot Reads" 

"A lightning read . . . very, very funny."
--The Roanoke Times

"Chick-lit with a sense of humor for readers of both sexes."
--USA Today

"Cheeky and chick-pleasing."
--Vanity Fair