Full Engagement!: Inspire, Motivate, and Bring Out the Best in Your People

Brian Tracy

AMACOM,  May 2011

As a manager, it's your role to achieve the highest possible return on the physical, emotional, and mental efforts your people put forth. It's not a return on investment. . . it's a return on energy. But how are you supposed to light a fire under each employee when studies find that most of them are working at only a fraction of their potential?

In this essential guide, Brian Tracy, the Master of Motivation, shows you how to unlock superstar performance from every single member of your work team. Based on decades of research and thousands of hours invested in maximizing personal and organizational performance, the hard and fast secrets of what you can do (and what you should stop doing) to inspire your employees to peak performance are now available. Packed with powerful, practical ideas and strategies, Full Engagement! shows you how to:

  • create a high-trust work environment
  • drive out the fears that hold people back
  • set clear goals and objectives
  • unlock the potential of each person
  • motivate and inspire employees to greater heights than they ever believed themselves capable of
  • trigger the "X Factor" that maximizes productivity
  • recognize, reward, and reinforce their efforts in a way that energizes each and every one of your people

Your ability to channel the human energies of your staff into higher levels of productivity and performance is the yardstick by which your ability as an executive will be measured.

The great news is that now you have everything you need right in your hands. In this eye-opening book, you'll learn how to do and say the things that will make your people feel confident, happy, and motivated. . . and allow you to deliver consistently outstanding results for your company.

In these tough economic times, everyone is expected to produce more with less. The only way to succeed is to consistently inspire your people to perform at their absolute best. Full Engagement! provides you with the keys to unlocking not just the hidden drive and abilities that exist within every one of your people. . . but also your own.

Hardcover | ISBN: 9780814416891 | Publication Date: May 2011

"If you're ready to empower your people to be more, do more, and achieve more, then read and use the strategies in this brilliant book by my friend Brian Tracy. Anyone in a leadership position must read this book!"
-- James Malinchak, Featured on ABC's Primetime TV Show, Secret Millionaire, Founder, www.BigMoneySpeaker.com

"Brian shows you how to tap into the spiritual and emotional energies of every person so they are internally motivated to perform at their best every day."
-- Stephen R. Covey, author, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and The Leader in Me

"Brilliant! Capable of revolutionizing a company from the ground up by revealing the keys to peak productivity and performance in each and every employee, Full Engagement! is hands-down the most outstanding and important business book of 2011!"
-- Ivan Misner, New York Times bestselling author, and founder of BNI® and Referral Institute®

"Brian's positive, practical ideas for getting the most out of each person can transform your team and make you a great leader."
-- T. Harv Eker, # 1 New York Times bestselling author, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

"Like an award-winning chef, a company CEO needs a recipe for success. In Full Engagement!, Brian Tracy has provided that recipe. All that remains is to find the best ingredients and combine them with passion. This book will certainly ignite any team or individual to achieve greater performance and results."
-- Kim Yost, CEO, Art Van Furniture

"I have read every book Brian Tracy has written. Full Engagement! is the best one yet. It's loaded with practical tools and ideas to show managers how to motivate and inspire their teams. Stop what you're doing and start reading."
-- Pat Williams, Senior Vice President, Orlando Magic; author, Extreme Focus

"To succeed in this economy, you need dedicated, motivated people who put their whole hearts into doing a great job every day. Full Engagement! shows you how to instill these feelings in every person."
-- Bill Bartmann, self-made billionaire and CEO, Bill Bartmann Enterprises

"The way to get people to use their full potential is to stimulate, as my friend Brian Tracy suggests, Full Engagement. Read, absorb, be inspired, and use the principles of Full Engagement! to gain full cooperation, full resource utilization, and a full bank account."
-- Mark Vidor Hansen, co-creator, #1 New York Times bestselling series Chicken Soup for the Soul®; co-author, Cracking the Millionaire Code, The One Minute Millionaire, and Cash in a Flash; author, Richest Kids in America