Let Your Goddess Grow!: 7 Spiritual Lessons on Female Power and Positive Thinking

Charlene M. Proctor

The Goddess Network Press,  May 2005

In this book of women's wisdom, Charlene M. Proctor, Ph.D., teaches you how to replace old, negative thought patterns with powerful ideas. Through seven lessons, you'll manifest more success while deepening your relationship with spirit. Let Your Goddess Grow! gently leads you to the concept of the divine feminine and explains why both men and women need more of Her.

Discover yourself and experience greater independence and spiritual growth! Begin your own transformation so you can lead a life filled with authenticity. This book will gracefully show you how to harness your own power to create a positive and balanced life.

paperback | ISBN: 9780976601203 | Publication Date: May 2005

"Charlene M. Proctor speaks her mind about life, strife, and what we need to overcome the odds. These times demand a more creative outlook on life by reaching beyond current intellectual boundaries. Readers will love this spiritual tune-up on why we ought to be heading toward Goddess wisdom."
--Lynn A. Robinson, author of Divine Intuition and Real Prosperity

"Let Your Goddess Grow! will jump-start your spiritual journey if you haven't already begun. It illustrates why it is possible to manifest an abundant life with a proper mind and heart set. Read it and feel empowered!"
--Arielle Ford, author of Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Soul

"Imagine a powerful woman who awakens to the truth about herself. A courageous woman who assumes her rightful place in the human community. A wise woman whose beliefs are reflected in her self-understanding, relationships, and livelihood. Charlene Proctor invites us to imagine this woman into being, for the sake of the planet."
--Patricia Lynn Reilly, author of Imagine a Woman and A God Who Looks Like Me

"Charlene Proctor is a savvy, modern-day priestess who brings the ancient wisdom of the Goddess into everyday life. Her step-by-step approach to evoking the power of the divine feminine is empowering and inspiring. If you are ready to get in touch with the Goddess in you, then this book is like manna from heaven."
--Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway, author of A Goddess is a Girl's Best Friend: A Divine Guide to Find Love, Success and Happiness and Wedding Goddess: A Divine Guide to Transforming Wedding Stress into Wedding Bliss

"A balanced life embraces both the masculine and feminine energies of the soul. Charlene Proctor shows us how to do this brilliantly -- this is essential reading for all men and women who seek deep meaning and fulfillment in their lives."
--Lance Secretan, Ph.D., author of Inspire! What Great Leaders Do and The Way of the Tiger