Tony and Me

Jack Klugman with Burton Rocks

Goodhill Press,  December 2005

The close professional relationship between Jack Klugman and Tony Randall has long been famous. However, the details of their close personal relationship has not been revealed until Tony and Me. Here Mr. Klugman provides the ultimate insider's view in a memoir-style tribute to a celebrated friendship that spanned nearly five decades.

Tony and Me follows both actors from their early days of stage and television to the "Camelot" of The Odd Couple; from Klugman's fight with invasive throat cancer to Randall's struggle to open a National Actors Theater. What finally emerges is a touching portrait of a legendary professional relationship that, in the end, became deeply personal.

Tony and Me includes over fifty photographs, many from Jack and Tony's private collections, and are a rare opportunity for fans to peek behind the scenes and into the lives of one of America's most beloved comedy teams. The free DVD of never-seen-before outtakes from The Odd Couple adds a hilarious third dimension to this intimate account, and makes Tony and Me well worth the price of admission.

hardcover | ISBN: 9780976830306 | Publication Date: December 2005

"What a great book! You'll love every moment in this true story of an amazing friendship." --Larry King

"Nothing odd here! Just two actors, a lot of love, a lot of show business, and a lot of fun for the rest of us. They were great!" --Regis Philbin