Fabricated: The New World of 3D Printing

Hod Lipson and Melba Kurman

Wiley,  February 2013

Fabricated tells the story of 3D printers, humble manufacturing machines that are bursting out of the factory and into schools, kitchens, hospitals, even onto the fashion catwalk. Fabricated describes our emerging world of printable products, where people design and 3D print their own creations as easily as they edit an online document.

A 3D printer transforms digital information into a physical object by carrying out instructions from an electronic design file, or "blueprint." Guided by a design file, a 3D printer lays down layer after layer of a raw material to "print" out an object. That's not the whole story, however. The magic happens when you plug a 3D printer into today's mind-boggling digital technologies. Add to that the Internet, tiny, low cost electronic circuitry, radical advances in materials science and biotech and voila! The result is an explosion of technological and social innovation.

Fabricated takes the reader onto a rich and fulfilling journey that explores how 3D printing is poised to impact nearly every part of our lives.

  • Readers will meet pioneering teachers, small businesses, artists, surgeons and researchers who are applying 3D printing and innovative design software to expand the limits of what they do
  • Non-experts will learn the basics of 3D printing technologies and design software as explained in lucid, non-technical language
  • Readers will learn about weird and wonderful applications of 3D printing such as printing food, dental crowns and someday . . . replacement heart valves, organs and joints
  • Readers will gain insight into a whole new level of intellectual property challenges as 3D printers enable people to make copies -- even "edit" -- commercial products and works of art
  • Readers with a taste for science fiction will glimpse a not-so-distant 3D printed future that's taking shape as leading researchers explore ways to 3D print smart materials and ready-made robots

Aimed at people who enjoy books on business strategy, popular science and novel technology, Fabricated will provide readers with practical and imaginative insights to the question "how will this technology change my life?" Based on hundreds of hours of research and dozens of interviews with experts from a broad range of industries, Fabricated offers readers an informative, engaging and fast-paced introduction to 3D printing now and in the future.

paperback | ISBN: 9781118350638 | Publication Date: February 2013

"Lively, well-written, and informed, this book is the one to read if you want to know today the shape of the world that our children will inhabit tomorrow. 3D printing is set to do for stuff what the Internet has done for information: give it to everyone. Lipson and Kurman have researched and expounded the alternative possible consequences -- both good and bad -- that will come from the biggest economic and manufacturing revolution since the invention of the transistor."
-- Adrian Bowyer, creator of the RepRap

"The collection of new ideas is impressive. They cause one to think beyond the current set of possibilities and consider where 3D printing might go in the future."
-- Terry Wohlers, Wohlers Associates, Inc., Voted #1 leading industry expert in 3D printing