Target Funding: Discover A Proven System to Get the Money and Resources You Need Now In Order to Grow Your Business

Kedma Ough

McGraw-Hill,  July 2019

There's more small-business funding out there than you realize, and Target Funding shows you how to find it, land it, and use it to launch, stabilize, or grow your business.

Target Funding is a strategic guide to funding opportunities aimed at specific types of businesses and business owners. You'll learn about all the options available to you—including conventional, alternative, and diversity funding—and how to access them based on your needs and your demographic, industry, location, and other variables. The book includes:

—Critical information on the wide range of funding options available to startups and small businesses of all kinds, including un-bankable ventures and independent inventors

—Hundreds of vetted funding sources that include the features and eligibility requirements of each grant, loan, and investment opportunity specified

—Real-life business funding stories that inspire and inform

—Expert advice and insider tips for mastering the funding game

—A roadmap for finding accessible funding opportunities that align with your funding needs

Target Funding reveals a proven business-funding strategy that can make all the difference as you pursue your entrepreneurial dream.

| ISBN: 9781260132366 | Publication Date: July 2019