Things I Overheard While Talking to Myself

Alan Alda

Random House,  September 2007

On the heels of his acclaimed memoir, Never Have Your Dog Stuffed, beloved actor and bestselling author Alan Alda has written Things I Overheard While Talking to Myself, an insightful and funny look at some of the impossible questions he's asked himself over the years: What do I value? What, exactly, is the good life? (And what does that even mean?)

Picking up where his bestselling memoir left off -- having been saved by emergency surgery after nearly dying on a mountaintop in Chile -- Alda finds himself not only glad to be alive but searching for a way to squeeze the most juice out of his new life. Looking for a sense of meaning that would make his extra time count, he listens in on things he's heard himself saying in private and in public at critical points in his life -- from the turbulence of the sixties, to his first Broadway show, to the birth of his children, to the ache of September 11, and beyond. Reflecting on the transitions in his life and in all of our lives, he notices that "doorways are where the truth is told," and wonders if there's one thing -- art, activism, family, money, fame -- that could lead to a "life of meaning."

In a book that is candid, wise, and as questioning as it is incisive, Alda amuses and moves us with his unique and hilarious meditations on questions great and small. Things I Overheard While Talking to Myself is another superb Alan Alda performance, as inspiring and entertaining as the man himself.

hardcover | ISBN: 9781400066179 | Publication Date: September 2007

"The actor's superlative memoir is full of surprises . . . Alda writes with witty, self-deprecating honesty."
--Entertainment Weekly

"Striking . . . a memoir by one of the most acclaimed actors of our time . . . Alda seems defined more bu his struggles, intellectual pursuits and general sense of wonder than by fame or wealth."
--Los Angeles Times

"Easily one of the best celebrity memoirs in the past ten years."
--San Francisco Chronicle

"[A] generous and good-spirited book."
--The Washington Post Book World

"Rich, involving and very funny."
--St. Louis Post-Dispatch