Hug Your People: The Proven Way to Hire, Inspire, and Recognize Your Employees and Achieve Remarkable Results

Jack Mitchell

Hyperion,  March 2008

In Hug Your Customers, Jack Mitchell showed business readers how to keep their customers happy -- and their profits booming. In Hug Your People, he elaborates on his big secret: hiring, motivating and keeping your biggest asset, great employees!

"Giving great personalized customer service has always been the foremost goal in my family, but one thing we never lose sight of is that you can't possibly deliver great service if you don't treat your own associates right." So says Jack Mitchell, CEO of his family's astoundingly successful chain of clothing stores. In Hug Your People, he shares his secrets for creating happy employees, secrets as simple as they are revolutionary:

Be NICE to them (and hire nice people to begin with)

TRUST them (they deserve it and will work even harder and smarter to continue to earn that trust)

Instill PRIDE in them (they are more productive when they are proud of their work)

INCLUDE them (since you can't do it alone)

Generously RECOGNIZE them (and not only with money -- but don't be chintzy, either)

Hug Your People is filled with real stories about real people. Jack offers his principles on "hugging" your associates -- whether they are the sales team, the cleaning staff, the delivery people, the backroom financial wizards, the marketing and advertising departments, or outsourced staff. Hug Your People is just what today's employees and managers need.

"Positive people power is fundamental to the overall success of any business." --Jack Mitchell

hardcover | ISBN: 9781401322373 | Publication Date: March 2008

Hug Your People is totally inspiring. Jack Mitchell takes you on a journey that is as much about life as it is about business. This book will not only help you become a better leader but also make you a better person. At Starbucks we experienced firsthand what the lessons that Jack imparts can do to help an organization. If you want a more rewarding relationship with another human being, read this book.”
--Howard Behar, Director, Starbucks Coffee

“If you look behind the scenes at any business that succeeds over the long term, you will find motivated, committed, energized employees. Jack Mitchell is the grand master at motivating and inspiring employees to perform brilliantly—and exceed their customers’ expectations every time.”
--Richard J. Harrington, President and CEO, The Thomson Corporation

Hug Your People is the perfect sequel to Hug Your Customers. Good customer service starts with happy employees, and Jack Mitchell knows it!”
--Sy Sternberg, Chairman and CEO, New York Life

Hug Your People must be a ‘must read’ if Jack Mitchell authored it. He knows more about motivating people—customers, employees, and all with whom he comes in contact—than any other person I know.”
--Arthur Levitt, Jr., author of Take on the Street, former chairman, SEC, present friend and customer of Mitchells

“If you want to run a business, but hate American corporate culture, this book is the one to read. Here’s somebody whose advice you can use.”
--Paul Newman

“The concepts and strategies in Hug Your People will set you apart from the competition. Your people will work harder, smarter, and with more energy and enthusiasm. And in a way that is unique to your organization.”
--Harry Paul, co-author of FISH! A Remarkable Way to Boost Morale and Improve Results

“In Hug Your People, Jack Mitchell explains how simple ideas, put into practice, will let your employees know how much you value them. Be nice to them. Trust them. Recognize them. Give them a hug. It works for Jack, it works for me, and it will work for you!”
--Ken Blanchard, coauthor, The One Minute Manager® and Raving Fans®

“Your book is spot-on and very useful for me. If we can replicate, on a large scale, what you do to “hug your people” we will have realized our goal of truly cherishing our people. Your book taught me a lot, Jack. For providing me with some great ideas, many thanks.”
--Indra Nooyi, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Pepsico

“In Hug Your People, Jack describes his family’s true key to success — that extraordinary customer service and satisfaction is the result of treating your associates like they, too, were family members. They go the extra mile, no request is too big, they have a great positive attitude and always follow through. Jack may just have the best customer service in America because his associates take extraordinary pride in what they do and feel appreciated and respected…just like the customers.”
--Cathie Black, President, Hearst Magazines