Infinite Quest: Develop Your Psychic Intuition to Take Charge of Your Life

John Edward

Sterling Ethos,  October 2010

Internationally acclaimed psychic medium and best-selling author John Edward has captivated audiences worldwide with his unique abilities to connect people with loved ones who have crossed over to the Other Side. Now in this ground breaking book, John takes you on an infinite quest to develop your own psychic intuition as a powerful tool for taking charge of your life.

John believes that everyone has intuitive energy and psychic potential -- for instance, many of us can recall knowing that the phone was going to ring and who it was on the other end, or we will "get a feeling" about something. That "feeling" is psychic energy. His goal is to help you understand your intuitive potential and tap into it to take chances and make choices with confidence.

By following certain guidelines and intuition -- building exercises on this metaphysical journey, we can learn to get in touch with our Spirit Guides and identify the psychic energy around us on deeper levels -- including connecting with the energy of those who have passed. John also explores the importance of psychic self-defense and reveals how divination tools like numerology and tarot cards can further assist you on your path.

Like John's new website that gives this book its name, Infinite Quest is truly a "portal to all things metaphysical."

Hardcover | ISBN: 9781402778933 | Publication Date: October 2010

"I LOVE John Edward's new book, Infinite Quest!!! In my humble opinion it is his best yet. Candid, funny, easy and exciting reading -- and 'dead on' (LOL) in his observations about spiritual/psychic development and those who would become psychics!"
--Sandy Anastasi, International Psychic Channel and author of The Anastasi System

"John Edward has captured the 'essence' of what the responsibility of mediumship is all about , , , His honesty and dedication to teaching you are invaluable. I suggest you read this more than once and use it as a reference tool to understand your own intuition and help make life's choices; it will help you beyond measure."
--Char Margolis, Intuitive Medium and best-selling author of Questions from Earth, Answers from Heaven

"In Infinite Quest, John outlines his philosophy on spiritual evolution and the interconnectivity to everything and everyone around us. . . . It allows us to realize that while we act out our lives on individual stages, we are ultimately not alone, , , , There is no actual limit to life's possibilities and his explanations are what makes this book so remarkable."
--Lydia Clar, Psychic and author of Out of Darkness into Light

"John Edward is undoubtably one of the world's best psychic mediums. In this new work, he also reveals his talents as a teacher and guide to personal self-development. With both clear direction and intimate knowledge of the metaphysical world and its sciences of astrology, numerology, and taro, John Edward opens the door to all those whose lives are bringing them onto a Path of inner knowing outer service."
--Alan Oken, Astrologer and co-founder of