JESUS Career Counselor: How to Find (and Keep) Your Perfect Work

Laurie Beth Jones

Howard Books,  May 2010

Written to help readers get, find, and keep the work they love, JESUS, Career Counselor weaves  together practical self-help concepts, intriguing stories, relevant statistics, and Bible scriptures. Divided into four sections centered on the four natural giftings or personalities of people, this book explores twelve dreams that God has for each individual -- including rise, risk, roar, renew, regenerate, rejoice, relate, and more. It then instructs readers in how to realize each one of these dreams, no matter their natural inclination.

As individual personalities of Fire, Earth, Water, and Wind are explored, the book explains how the Fire of excitement translates to Leadership Skills, how the Earth of grounding translates into Good Habits and Character Development, how the Water of life-giving becomes Relationship Skills, and how the Wind of release becomes the Creativity and Innovation, which are in high demand in every industry in the world today.

Readers will learn how to discover their four greatest talents and create their personal Talent Shield, which will help them choose a meaningful career based on their Life's Mission Statement.

Each chapter serves as a free-standing career guidepost, and includes Career Exercises, pertinent Word Definitions, Career Choices for individual gifting, Self-Quizzes, and Reader Study Guides.

hardcover | ISBN: 9781439149065 | Publication Date: May 2010

"Whether your career is in transition or you simply find your worklife less than fulfilling, Jesus, Career Counselor will coach, counsel, and empower you to reach out for the career you really want. This book is more than an inspiration; it's a godsend."
--Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager® and Lead Like Jesus

"As we all know there are many ebbs and flows in our spiritual life and our earthly life. Laurie Beth challenges us to learn and apply these lessons for the greater good."
--John Tyson, chairman, Tyson Foods

"Finally a career discernment guide that draws from the only source of counseling we need. A treasure for followers of Christ."
--Patrick Lencioni, author, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team; president, The Table Group

"Laurie Beth Jones brings divine intervention to the workplace. Whether you've lost your job, are stuck in a job you hate, or are searching for what you want to do in life, this book is an answer to your prayers. This is a must-read for anyone who is searching for their purpose and passion in life."
--Dr. Connie Mariano, author of The White House Doctor

"We have used Laurie Beth's methods in our own recruiting and training of our team. Whether it's in our personal, business, or spiritual life, these concepts enable us to maximize the return on investment we provide back to our relationships, community, and His Kingdom."
--Mendell L. Thompson, president/CEO, America's Christian Credit Union

"In the book of Acts, Saint Peter calls upon the gathered crowd to save themselves from this 'untoward generation.' Jesus, Career Counselor is a practical and powerful way to escape the towardlessness so common in this age. For anyone, especially young people, seeking the best path toward their destiny, this book is required reading."
--Mart Rutland, Ph.D., president, Oral Roberts University