20 Something Manifesto: Quarter-Lifers Speak Out About Who They Are, What They Want, and How to Get It

Christine Hassler

New World Library,  February 2008

If you're in your twenties, you're likely feeling the combination of the excitement of this defining decade and the pressure to figure out your entire life. The thrill of newfound independence and opportunity can be quickly squelched by worry, disillusionment, or disappointment. Like thousands of other twenty somethings, you may have experienced what life coach and quarter-life expert Christine Hassler calls an "Expectation Hangoverâ„¢." This manifesto explores the all-important questions and life choices of these turbulent yet exciting years.

paperback | ISBN: 9781577315957 | Publication Date: February 2008

"20 Something Manifesto gives voice to the aspirations, expectations, confusion, and self-doubt of a generation. Christine Hassler goes deeper than the quick fix. She pushes, prods, nudges, and guides her readers to create their own road map. Offering information and inspiration in equal measure, Hassler provides tools for twenty somethings to chart an effective, fulfilling, and meaningful life journey all their own."
--Willow Bay, senior editor of the Huffington Post and author of Talking to Your Kids in Tough Times

"20 Something Manifesto is a great read for twenty somethings seeking honest answers to life's challenging questions. Christine approaches this journey of self-discovery and personal awareness in a way that is inspiring, comforting, and actionable. She brings to life emotions and feelings that will strike a chord with twenty somethings from all backgrounds. I strongly recommend this book."
--Jason Ryan Dorsey, Gen Y consultant and author of My Reality Check Bounced!

"The stories in 20 Something Manifesto are inspiring, helpful, and deeply genuine. Christine Hassler is the perfect tour guide to take readers through the ups and downs of twenty-something life. She provides support, companionship, and tangible tools readers can use to create their own road map for a productive, fulfilling, and meaningful adult life. I wish I had Christine as a resource when I was in my twenties!"
--Lindsey Pollak, author of Getting from College to Career: 90 Things to Do Before You Join the Real World

"In her successful career as an author and life coach, Christine Hassler demonstrates a true gift -- the ability to inspire twenty somethings to take stock of where they are and take the steps to become the people they want to be. Reading 20 Something Manifesto feels warm and intimate, like sitting around a fire late at night and chatting with your closest friends."
--Alexandra Levit, author of They Don't Teach Corporate in College and How'd You Score That Gig?

"A great exploration into what it means to have one foot in childhood and one in so-called adulthood. As the average life span increases, technology advances, and the world spins ever faster, finding one's voice is a bigger challenge amid the cacophony of advertising, the internet, and reality TV. Christine Hassler 'gets it' that identity is a multifaceted, evolving process. With irreverent humor, heartfelt honesty, and deep poignancy, 20 Something Manifesto is a wonderful guide for the quarter-lifers who ask at every turn 'Who am I now?' and 'Who am I becoming?'"
--Courtney A. Walsh, author of Lipstick and Thongs in the Loony Bin

"In 20 Something Manifesto, Christine Hassler teaches the class you wish had been offered in school -- Life 101! This book is packed with real-world tools twenty somethings can use to create a successful life on their own terms."
--Greg Behrendt, coauthor of He's Just Not That into You and It's Called a Breakup Because It's Broken