How to Get Anyone to Do Anything

R. Philip Hanes

Ten Speed Press,  January 2006

"You can accomplish anything you can dream, if you can get someone else to do it!" This is the personal mission statement and secret weapon of R. Philip Hanes -- businessman, entrepreneur, civic leader, conservationist, connoisseur, philanthropist -- in short, a man who has packed more living, and giving, into a single lifetime than most of us could manage in ten. And, at eighty, he isn't done yet!

How does this irrepressible visionary do it? With typical generosity and infectious enthusiasm, Hanes shares his strategies for how to jump-start the impossible by recounting a lifetime's worth of experiences doing just that. Divided into four parts -- Networking, Risk-Taking, Fund-Raising, and Problem-Solving -- How to Get Anyone to Do Anything will inspire readers to see challenging opportunities instead of insurmountable odds. By teaching readers when and how to ask for help, How to Get Anyone to Do Anything is a blueprint for accomplishment through contribution, commitment, and connection. Not only a memoir of an exceptional life, it is a manual for how to  make your own life extraordinary.

| ISBN: 9781580086677 | Publication Date: January 2006

"Phil Hanes has distilled the lessons of a long and productive life into a wonderful tale filled with pithy anecdotes and useful observations about how to accomplish your goals. It's a book well worth reading." --David Rockefeller, Sr., former chairman, Chase Manhattan Bank, former chairman, New York Museum of Modern Art

"Phil, I cannot tell you how many people I tell about your vitality, energy, and thirst for knowledge, and your love of literature, art, music, conservation, and so much more. You are a genuine Renaissance man." --Tom Johnson, former publisher and CEO, Los Angeles Times, former chairman and CEO, CNN

"This may be classed as a how-to book, but it should really go into the biography section of the library, for it's full to the brim with Phil Hanes's life and learning, his imagination, his humanity. If you want to learn how to network yourself into the 'win' column, read this book!" --Lawrence Ferlinghetti, artist and poet

"There's more insight, humor, and good common sense in How to Get Anyone to Do Anything than there is in the entire Congressional Record. It's a Poor Richard's Almanac for our time." --James V. Kimsey, founding CEO, America Online, Inc.

"This is such an infectious book! It made me want to rush straight out and get someone to do something -- at once!" --Rosemary Harris, actress; Tony, Emmy, and Golden Globe Winner

"If you follow the advice in How to Get Anyone to Do Anything you can run the country. Or you can settle in for a delightful time with a man whose intelligence, humor, and wisdom have made him one of America's most influential citizens. In his company, you will find riches. Congratulations, old friend, on a perfectly charming and most wise book." --Harper Lee, author of To Kill a Mockingbird