Alternative Medicine Magazine's Definitive Guide to Cancer: An Integrative Approach to Prevention, Treatment, and Healing

Lise Alschuler, ND, and Karolyn A. Gazella

Celestial Arts,  June 2007

The first layperson's guide to using natural nutritional supplements to support conventional cancer therapy, the Definitive Guide to Cancer encourages an integrative approach that embraces both alternative and conventional therapies in the battle against cancer. Naturopathic physician Lise Alschuler and medical journalist Karolyn A. Gazella present in-depth discussions of twenty specific cancers, empowering stories from cancer patients and their caregivers, as well as their own firsthand experiences with the disease. This comprehensive guide evaluates and recommends effective strategies for reclaiming your vitality in the midst of cancer treatment.

hardcover | ISBN: 9781587612800 | Publication Date: June 2007

"This is a remarkable survey of holistic cancer treatment. If I had cancer, I would read this book."
--Mehmet C. Oz, MD, FACS, author of You: The Owner's Manual

"In this beautifully written, authoritative, and accessible book, Alschuler and Gazella offer state-of-the-art advice, direction, and companionship to anyone diagnosed with cancer. The Definitive Guide to Cancer is a unique synthesis of information and wisdom, research and loving-kindness. This book is a lighthouse for anyone frightened and adrift in the dark."
--Rachel Naomi Remen, MD, clinical professor at UCSF School of Medicine and author of Kitchen Table Wisdom and My Grandfather's Blessings

"This is an outstanding resource for every family facing cancer. The future of medicine -- full integration of conventional and natural medicine -- can be found here. I especially appreciate the authors' rigorous scientific approach for evaluating the validity of unconventional theories, diagnostic methods, and therapies. This is the resource to trust."
--Joseph E. Pizzorno, ND, founding president of Bastyr University and coauthor of Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine and Natural Medicine for the Prevention and Treatment of Cancer

"The world has been waiting for someone to speak clearly to patients faced with cancer. The Definitive Guide to Cancer provides clarity and direction to patients who must navigate a treacherous path of information, fact, and misinformation. It illuminates a confused world and brings together in one volume a comprehensive guide to cancer that goes beyond conventional and alternative approaches. For the first time, all the necessary information to support a cancer patient through difficult treatment decisions as well as help them address the underlying causes of disease can be found in one clear and sensible guide. It's about time!
--Mark Hyman, MD, editor in chief of Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine and author of UltraMetabolism: The Simple Plan for Automatic Weightloss

"If you or a loved one has heard the words "you have cancer," you should read this book. Written in plain English, this book addresses conventional, complementary, and alternative therapies in a way that allows one to make informed decisions about prevention and treatment."
--Tieraona Low Dog, MD, director of education for the Program in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona

"If knowledge is power, then expect to be empowered by Alschuler and Gazella's thorough and comprehensive review of cancer. They tackle difficult and complex subject matter without losing sight of the fact that each of us is mind, body, and spirit."
--William T. O'Donnell, Jr., founder of Miraval, Life in Balance Resort and Spa and the Sierra Tucson Treatment Center

"This is currently the best book available for cancer patients. It is well researched and well written, with eloquent patient stories and invaluable, easy-to-use information on chemotherapy and herbal contraindications. Alschuler and Gazella provide a concise review and evaluation of popular alternative therapies that should be assigned reading for anyone who has been touched by cancer -- and that's all of us."
--Leanna Standish, ND, Ph.D., Lac, research professor at Bastyr University

"This book is a remarkable resource. From helping readers understand cancer prevention, causes, and diagnosis to compiling information about specific cancers and conventional and alternative treatment options, the authors combine compelling science with a compassionate, integrative perspective. This integration of conventional and natural medicine is the hope for the future of both cancer prevention and treatment."
--Tori Hudson, ND, author of Women's Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine and program director of the Institute of Women's Health and Integrative Medicine