The Sticking Point Solution: 9 Ways to Move Your Business from Stagnation to Stunning Growth In Tough Economic Times

Jay Abraham

Vanguard Press,  May 2009

  • Unlock the true potential of your company
  • Learn how to ask the right questions about your business
  • Achieve new levels of profitability and success
  • Gain control over the future of your business today
  • The Right Book. The Right Time.

    Businesses can plateau, stall, or stagnate . . . without the owners or key executives even realizing it. A business might be achieving incremental year-on-year growth and yet still be in a situation of stagnation or stall. Why? Because entrepreneurs and executives often focus on the wrong things and don't know how to solve the problems that get their businesses stuck.

    The purpose of The Sticking Point Solution is to help entrepreneurs and executives recognize the ways in which their businesses may be stuck, and to then give them tools for getting unstuck and enjoying exponential growth. To achieve this, Jay will help you to identify the nine "sticking points" that keep entrepreneurs and executives alike grinding just to survive, instead of growing and thriving.

    Whether businesses are afflicted by one, two, or all nine of these sticking points, the result is the same: the owners, executives, or entrepreneurs are not achieving all of the growth, success, and prosperity they deserve. Unlocking that true potential and diagnosing the specific issues that each reader/business owner/entrepreneur/employee faces is the mission of this book.

    The results: freedom from stagnation and stalling; new levels of profitability and success; and a much greater sense of control and pleasure from running the enterprise. How to achieve this exquisite state is the impetus for The Sticking Point Solution.

    hardcover | ISBN: 9781593155100 | Publication Date: May 2009

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    --Brian Tracy, New York Times bestselling author

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