The 7 Great Prayers: For an Abundant and Blessed Life

Paul & Tracey McManus

Vanguard Press,  April 2009

The Simple, Powerful Way to Change Your Life

Hope is Here. You Can Change Your Life for the Better.

Authors Paul and Tracey McManus show you a simple and powerful way to attract blessings into your life through the power of praying the 7 Great Prayers. Read this book to better your life and overcome challenges, including:

Financial Worries
Health Concerns
Relationship Problems
Finding a Purpose in Life

20 Million Lives Touched

The 7 Great Prayers were first available only through the Internet, where they inspired millions of people around the globe to live better, happier, and more fulfilled lives. Now The 7 Great Prayers can do the same for you.

The 7 Great Prayers has already touched the lives of people all around the world. Now it can do the same for you.

This powerful book guides you through seven simple yet life-changing prayers. These prayers are for all people and all faiths. Authors Paul and Tracey McManus show you how to overcome life's challenges, get closer to God, and attract blessings into your life through the power of prayer.

The Story Behind The 7 Great Prayers

Paul and Tracey McManus lost everything in the wake of the dot-com bust -- they had no jobs, their savings had evaporated, the bill collectors were banging on the door, and they were losing their home. They were scared and paralyzed with fear.

One sleepless night, Paul and Tracey began to thank God for what they did have. They had their health, they had each other, and they had three beautiful children.

When they prayed, they focused on their blessings rather than all they had lost and were losing.

This prayer of gratitude was lifechanging. Newly inspired, Paul and Tracey sat down and -- based on Paul's lifetime of spiritual reading and their shared experience -- they created six more simple prayers. These prayers gave them the hope and strength they needed to overcome life's challenges. Eager to share their newfound hope, Paul and Tracey created a simple Web page about The 7 Great Prayers and they wrote a book about them. Soon over 20 million people from across the globe visited the Web site.

The Right Book . . . The Right Time

As word spread, Paul and Tracey received orders from 163 countries for their originally self-published book. These powerful prayers changed the lives of people of all nationalities and faiths. They gave them hope, kept them positive, and deepened their love for life. And thus, the grassroots phenomenon that is The 7 Great Prayers was born. Now The 7 Great Prayers is here to do the same for you.

hardcover | ISBN: 9781593155490 | Publication Date: April 2009