Hot Water

Erin Brockovich

Vanguard Press,  November 2011

Environmental activist AJ Palladino, first encountered in Rock Bottom, is no stranger to the juggling act of managing work and family. But when she's asked to leave home for a case involving a nuclear power plant, it takes all her strength to keep everything from crashing down on her.

Colleton River is a new, one-of-a-kind nuclear facility in South Carolina designed to create medical isotopes with the potential to save millions of lives. Recently, the plant has been plagued by a series of mishaps that, despite several investigations, remain unexplained. The accidents have caused local unrest and drawn the attention of anti-nuclear protest groups, as well as several homegrown terrorists who sense an opportunity to sow fear and chaos.

When Colleton River's owner contacts AJ for help, she knows she will have her hands full investigating the accidents and calming tensions at the plant. But AJ's simple business trip takes disastrous turns as she uncovers the source of the plant's accidents and, after an approaching hurricane prevents her from returning to West Virginia, her son disappears.

As AJ's life back home unravels, the plant hurtles toward nuclear catastrophe -- with AJ caught between both worlds.

Can AJ stop the plant's meltdown and save the community, herself, and her son in time?

| ISBN: 9781593156848 | Publication Date: November 2011


"Erin Brockovich continues to fight the good fight, now as a writer of fiction. The heroine is brilliant and feisty."
-- New York Times bestselling author Steve Berry

Praise for Erin Brockovich's debut novel Rock Bottom

"Everything a great thriller should be -- action-packed, authentic, and intense." -- New York Times bestselling author Lee Child

"A compelling new voice in thriller writing. Rock Bottom will keep you in its spell from beginning to end. And I love how the characters come alive on every page."
-- New York Times bestselling author Jeffrey Deaver

"Erin Brockovich continues to fight the good fight, now as a writer of fiction. Rock Bottom is a story Erin Brockovich lived. The heroine is brilliant and feisty. Tension and turmoil mount in a high stakes adventure with dire consequences. Nobody could tell this story better."
-- New York Times bestselling author Steve Berry

"With strong character development and a fast-paced plot, this excellent first novel leaves readers anticipating further exciting adventures with AJ Palladino."
-- Library Journal

"Rock Bottom is an intense, emotional thriller of a debut. From the moment the first page is read, the story catapults the reader into a world of greed, subterfuge and passion. Brockovich has created a compassionate, endearing fire-cracker of a heroine in Rock Bottom."
-- National Examiner