Healing Pain: The Innovative Breakthrough Plan to Overcome Your Physical Pain & Emotional Suffering

Ann Berger, MSN, MD and C.B. deSwaan

Rodale,  February 2006

"What if I told you that I've seen three doctors in the last 3 years and each one basically told me the same thing in different words, which is, 'There's no reason for the pain I'm feeling.'"

Does this circumstance sound familiar? If you're one of the 75 million Americans who suffer from chronic pain, it probably does. Chances are you've been shuffled from doctor to doctor, to specialists with little or no training in the subject. No matter if you suffer from back pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis, endometriosis, or any other pain-causing condition, Healing Pain can help you.

Dr. Ann Berger has developed a system that promotes healing and helps ease the emotional suffering that comes with chronic pain. Her program:

  • Helps you describe your pain to your doctor, improving your chances for accurate diagnosis and treatment
  • Explains prescription and over-the-counter medications -- their benefits and their side effects -- and shows you how to pick the best medications for you
  • Reveals the important role that complementary therapies, like guided imagery, hypnosis, and acupuncture, can play in your treatment plan
  • Shows how spirituality in any form can make a powerful difference

With the expertise that has made her one of the foremost pain specialists in the country, and with the warmth and sincerity that have changed her patients' lives, Dr. Berger and her groundbreaking approach will help you stop hurting and start living.

paperback | ISBN: 9781594860126 | Publication Date: February 2006

"This is a wonderful book written with the chronic pain sufferer in mind. Healing Pain should be recommended to all persons struggling with chronic pain and to health-care professionals who treat those persons."
--Joyce S. Willens, RN, PhD, assistant professor at the College of Nursing at Villanova University in Pennsylvania and interim editor of Pain Management Nursing