Shape Your Self: My 6-Step Diet and Fitness Plan to Achieve the Best Shape of Your Life

Martina Navratilova

Rodale,  April 2006

Does it matter to you if you're overweight?

That you feel lousy, day in and day out?

That you're dragging yourself around, unable to do what you want to do?

That your quality of life isn't as good as it should be?

Martina believes it does matter. And she wants to help.

She likes getting the most out of her body because it helps her get the most out of her life. Through many years of experimentation and application, Martina has found what she believes to be the best way to shape your self, inside and out.

Does it involve a strict diet of rabbit food? No!

Expensive exercise equipment? No!

What about hours and hours of working out? No!

Instead, it's a series of small, gradual changes -- put into a step-by-step strategy -- that you can do without ever feeling deprived or getting frustrated. You'll learn to develop a winner's mind-set and surround yourself with positive people who help you to be your best. You'll find delicious recipes, menu plans, and a multilevel exercise regimen targeted to any shape you're currently in. When you follow these strategies, you'll not only shape a body that will work, feel, and look better but also experience an inner shift that makes good health a permanent part of your life. You'll know how to achieve a more gratifying balance in your life as the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of your self begin to work in concert.

As you read, you'll hear funny anecdotes, touching stories, and important life lessons Martina has learned from her own successes and failures and those of the friends and competitors who have influenced the woman she is today. "If you take what you learn and apply what you need, I promise you'll begin to look good and feel better, physically and mentally," she says. "You'll dig within yourself, unearth your hidden strength, and achieve championship levels in all aspects of your life." Learn to shape your self and live life at its peak!

hardcover | ISBN: 9781594862823 | Publication Date: April 2006