The Entrepreneur Diet: The On-the-Go Plan for Fitness, Weight Loss, and Healthy Living

Tom Weede

Entrepreneur Press,  February 2007

"A Diet for Those Too Busy to Diet!"

Mainstream diets, daily two-hour workouts . . . They just don't fit the lifestyles of busy entrepreneurs, or anyone who's crunched for time. If you have a daily routine that keeps you constantly on the go, you know just what we mean. That's why the publishers of Entrepreneur magazine and an advisory board of world-renowned experts in nutrition, health, exercise, goal-setting and business joined forces with Tom Weede to develop this groundbreaking diet and exercise plan. 

Shed pounds, shape up and boost energy in just six weeks! Eat healthy without sacrificing taste or time with a six-week meal plan that offers both traditional meals and "Quick Fix" options from Starbucks, McDonald's, great restaurants and more. Start a workout plan that works with your schedule, not against it. 

Designed exclusively for busy people with demanding schedules who don't think they have time for a weight-loss program, this easy-to-use diet and fitness plan delivers what's important -- lasting weight-loss results. 

In addition to The Entrepreneur Diet Six-Week Meal Plan, Weede covers: 

Eight must-have habits for shedding fat    
The Quick-Start Action Plan that works with any busy schedule
Healthy selections from fast food to frozen dinners to restaurant fare
"Stealth" exercises that can be done on an airplane, at a desk or in a car
 Four core elements that help control stress and increase energy
The business-fitness connection and how it boosts success 

hardcover | ISBN: 9781599180601 | Publication Date: February 2007

"I used to think that I couldn't make the time to work out and eat well. Now I realize I can't afford not to make the time." 
--Brian Scudamore, Founder and CEO, 1-800-GOT-JUNK

"As a professional who is constantly on the go at work, I know how easy it is to munch on convenience foods or forget to eat altogether. This books provides a logical, easy-to-follow plan to improve the way you feel and the way you perform at work and in your daily life." 
--Chad Luethje, Executive Chef, Red Mountain Spa

"Many entrepreneurs with great intentions have sacrificed their health for their visions and passion. I am convinced that peak performance demands peak health and well being, and Tom has delivered a roadmap."
--Margaret Moore, Founder and CEO, Wellcoaches Corporation 

"It becomes easy to put one's personal heath and well being on the back burner while striving for business success. The Entrepreneur Diet can help business owners take care of their most important asset -- themselves." 
--Don R. Powell, Ph.D., President and CEO, American Institute for Preventative Medicine