Presents: The Best Sex of Your Life: 101 Secrets Every Woman Should Know

Jennifer Hunt and Dan Baritchi

Adams Media,  April 2010

Because SHEKNOWS® Sex

In Presents: The Best Sex of Your Life, noted sex experts Jennifer and Dan reveal 101 salacious secrets for delightful encounters between the sheets. You have sex; and sure, it's okay, maybe occasionally even good. But with this new guide they help you kick it up a notch to have the best sex every time.

Featuring plenty of tips guaranteed to make you blush, you'll learn to get in touch with your inner seductress for orgasmic results. Among the secrets revealed -- why you should . . .
  • Have sex in front of a mirror
  • Learn to use all four phases of the female orgasm
  • Watch porn with your man
  • Try some new positions -- like the bridge or lotus
  • Use household items (hello spatula and rolling pin!) during foreplay
If you're tired of bland, predictable sex, this insider's roadmap to a more satisfying ride will have you screaming with pleasure and spending the day (or week . . . or month!) in bed.

paperback | ISBN: 9781605501437 | Publication Date: April 2010

"The Best Sex of Your Life is an incredibly candid and witty book that every woman should have in her sexual arsenal. It's like The Joy of Cooking for the bedroom, although it should definitely be kept out of the reach of curious little hands."
--Blog Critics