Love Your Body, Love Your Life: 5 Steps to End Negative Body Obsession and Start Living Happily and Confidently

Sarah Maria

Adams Media,  November 2009

It's time to love the skin you're in!

If all you see when you look in the mirror is cellulite, wrinkles, or worse, you're not seeing what -- and who -- is really there.

A whopping 90 percent of us are dissatisfied with our bodies. These self-destructive thoughts and behaviors are ruining our lives -- but it doesn't have to be that way. With this easy 5-step plan, noted body-image expert and founder of Break Free Beauty Sarah Maria shows you how to feel good about your body -- and celebrate its strength, vitality, and beauty. You'll break free from negative body obsession once and for all when you learn to:

  • Commit to change
  • Identify and detach from negative thoughts
  • Discover who you really are
  • Befriend your body
  • Find your purpose
  • Love your body, love your life
Complete with exercises, case studies, and testimonials, you'll learn how to stop obsessing over food and your body and achieve permanent peace with both. You'll banish negative body obsession forever, and feel healthy, radiant, beautiful, and desirable -- every day!

paperback | ISBN: 9781605501536 | Publication Date: November 2009

"Read this book and you will discover that there is only one beauty, and you are that."
--Deepak Chopra

"In traditional cultures, the most powerful healers are those who have learned to heal themselves. Sarah Maria's personal journey to loving her body and her life offers a proven path for those seeking a healthy, conscious relationship with their bodies."
--David Simon, MD, The Chopra Center for Well-Being

"There are countless women and men who suffer unnecessarily because they don't like their looks. Sarah Maria reveals that there is a way to feel great no matter what and she offers powerful tools to help you feel beautiful regardless of your current shape or size. Read this book and you will begin to love your body."
--Marci Shimoff, New York Times bestselling author of Happy for No Reason and featured teacher in The Secret

"Sarah Maria has created a most practical, step-by-step journey for healing Negative Body Obsession. Following these steps awakens the inner healer in the heart of the reader and truly unfolds the inner treasures of joy, love and bliss."
--Vasant Lad, BAMS, MASc, Ayurvedic Physician, the Ayurvedic Institute, Albuquerque, NM

"Powerful, honest, and elegantly written. An amazing concept that goes beyond the idea of self-love and taps into the notion that one's love equals one's peace."
--Ira M. Sacker, MD, eating disorders specialist, international expert for more than thirty-five years, and bestselling author of Dying to be Thin and Regaining Your Self

"Congratulations to Sarah Maria for creating this valuable gift for both women and men and those who cherish them. This clear and reliable process for reclaiming the value and beauty of our bodies makes Love Your Body, Love Your Life a must read."
--Kathlyn Hendricks, PhD, ADTR, Director of Training, 'The Hendricks Institute, bestselling author of Conscious Loving

"Love Your Body, Love Your Life is a book written from the heart by a gifted author who has stepped into the transformational fire of learning to love herself and her body. Rich with life-changing information, each word charged with genuine compassion, this book provides the guidance, the hope, and the courage to let go of distorted perceptions that prevent you from loving your body. As a medical intuitive, I have witnessed the miracle of creating the health and the life one desires by merely learning to love oneself. I highly recommend this exceptional book. Job well done, Sarah Maria."
--Carol Ritberger, PhD, author of Healing Happens with Your Help: Uncovering the Hidden Meanings Behind Illness

"As a psychotherapist in practice for over thirty years, I have listened to the suffering of women and now often men as they struggle with images of body image and beauty. Self-esteem is hitched to this struggle and brings forth a compounding of problems in an effort to find solutions. Sarah Maria has provided a clear, concise, step-by-step formula to assist people in breaking free from patterns of thought and behavior that keep them trapped. She offers a vision of healing that has the potential for life transformation, and inner peace. This book is an important contribution to breaking the cycle of body image struggles."
--JoAnn A. DePetro, MA, MFT, Director, Center for Family Solutions

"It is well known that you attract what you think about. Your outer reality is a direct reflection of how you feel about yourself. When you feel that you are not thin enough, young enough, beautiful enough, or not enough, period, your life reflects this sense of lack and insecurity. On the other hand, when you recognize that you are, at your essence, beautiful, valuable, worthy, and wonderful, your life will begin to reflect this abundance and greatness. Sarah Maria's step-by-step method will show you how to recognize your true beauty so you can create the life of your dreams."
--Christy Whitman, bestselling author, Certified Law of Attraction Coach, and founder of

"As a healer, I know that my patients' thoughts have the ability to determine their health or lack of it. Sarah Maria's step-by-step program will give you the tools you need to break free from negative thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors so that you can claim the health and the life you deserve. Sarah Maria shows you how to discover your unique, radiant, glorious beauty so that you can truly love your body and love your life. You can live a life of health, peace, joy, and abundance, and this book will show you how!"
--Dr. Darren Weissman, author of The Power of Infinite Love and Gratitude

"Life is a journey to discover our own unconditional self-love because only when you truly learn to love yourself will you have the ability to love others. In Love Your Body, Love Your Life, Sarah Maria gives the reader a wonderful five-step process to help you overcome Negative Body Obsession and create a life that you love. You'll love this book and you'll love Sarah Maria for writing it."
--Kurek Ashley, international bestselling author of How Would Love Respond?

"Contrary to popular belief, both men and women go through periods of their lives when they don't feel good enough. As long as insecurity, doubt, and shame are a part of your internal conversation, you will suffer. Period. By using the easy-to-follow steps and tools outlined in this amazing book, you will break this unnecessary pattern and find true freedom and joy."
--Max Simon, founder of selfcentered,

"With humor, insight, and true compassion, Sarah Maria invites the reader to journey toward their healing through the pain of their own experience. She subtly challenges their biggest fear of 'If you take away my negative body obsession, who will I be?' and offers a tangible journey to reconnect them with their true purpose. A wonderful mix of honoring the reader's predicament, opening them up to their spiritual essence, and integrating practical ways to embody the change that the reader is doubtless enticed into desiring. 'Thus, the reader's pain is transformed into a creative means of providing service for others."
--Clare Mann, psychologist, author, and professional speaker,