When Life Strikes: Weathering Financial Storms

Cal Brown

Brown Books,  September 2011

There are certain life events that are as stressful as they are unavoidable. All of these events may not happen to every individual, but nonetheless they each cause emotional heartache -- and financial headache, and Cal Brown has seen them all. Thanks to his years of experience as a financial planner, coupled with various tumultuous events in his own life, Cal is able to give general guidance and specific financial tips to help ease the stress of these inevitabilities. When Life Strikes is an excellent resource for coping with unexpected tragedies, learning how to prepare for them, and looking ahead for the sake of your spouse, children, and personal future.

| ISBN: 9781612540320 | Publication Date: September 2011


"Life will strike, so prepare, respond, and recover. You will need this book over and over again."
-- Cindy Mardigian

"Cal Brown's book presents the reader with the opportunity to make informed financial decisions in advance of life s everyday challenges before those challenges dictate unappealing results and unwelcome consequences. In easy-to-understand prose, he explains the essentials of wealth management, emphasizing tax-efficient planning options and offering solutions to safely navigate through the difficult life-changing events all of us will inevitably encounter."
-- Don Williamson, CPA, LLM; Director of the graduate tax program at American University, Washington, DC