48 Whispers: From Pine Ridge and the Northern Plains

Kevin Hancock

Post Hill Press,  June 2021

48 Whispers is a unique photojournalism collection of short meditations, accompanied by full-page color photographs spanning ten years of visits to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and the northern plains.

Author, photographer, and CEO, Kevin Hancock acquired a rare neurological voice disorder (spasmodic dysphonia/ SD) in 2010. From his home in Maine, he set out on a series of travel adventures to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and the surrounding northern plains in search of voice recovery through self-reflection and immersion in nature. On the Reservation, Kevin encountered an entire community—the Oglala Sioux Tribe—that felt a piece of their authentic voice had been taken or stolen from them. From this experience, Kevin came to see life as a quest for self-actualization. He then wrote a series of short meditations designed to advance the concepts of shared leaders, dispersed power, and respect for all voices. Kevin’s full-page color photos and writings span a decade of over twenty visits to the region—during which time he builds a series of deep friendships on the reservation and takes two Lakota names.

| ISBN: 9781637580622 | Publication Date: June 2021