Why Loyalty Matters: The Groundbreaking Approach to Rediscovering Happiness, Meaning and Lasting Fulfillment in Your Life and Work

Timothy Keiningham

BenBella Books,  July 2009

Does loyalty matter?
Even more than you think.

For decades we've been told that we live in a fast-paced, dog-eat-dog world, that loyalty gets you nowhere and that we must look out for number one! We've been told that to succeed we have to constantly reinvent ourselves, let go of past relationships and move on to greener pastures. And we've been told that all this is good.

But it's not good.

Why Loyalty Matters is grounded in the most comprehensive study of loyalty ever conducted, and what it reveals can change your life. The science is very clear -- when it comes to business success, satisfaction in our relationships and even overall happiness, loyalty is essential.

Renowned loyalty experts Timothy Keiningham and Lerzan Aksoy combine their own groundbreaking research with the leading thinking in philosophy, sociology, psychology, economics and management to provide a comprehensive guide to understanding what loyalty is, what it isn't and how to unlock its power in your personal and professional life.

Why Loyalty Matters includes one-user access to LoyaltyAdvisor.com, the ultimate loyalty assessment tool.

Most of us have only a vague sense of how our loyalties drive our success. Unlocking the power of loyalty in our lives demands that we understand how loyal we really are and where our loyalties truly lie.

The authors of Why Loyalty Matters have created a revolutionary program to help readers understand their loyalties and solidify these bonds: the Internet-based LoyaltyAdvisor assessment program that lies at the heart of this book. The LoyaltvAdvisor is the product of a global, comprehensive research effort to identify the loyalties most important to our success and happiness.

So how does it work? On the reverse side of this book jacket is a peel-off sticker that reveals a unique identification code that allows you access to LoyaltyAdvisor. This Web-based interview analyzes your loyalty across multiple dimensions proven to link to happiness, and benchmarks your relationship style and loyalty level vis-à-vis the top 15 percent of individuals in life satisfaction. Even more, LoyaltyAdvisor allows your friends and associates to assess your loyalty, providing you with objective, confidential third-party feedback.

The LoyaltyAdvisor assessment will provide you with a critical guide to building deeper, truer loyalties in every area of your life.

Take the Online LoyaltyAdvisor Assessment to Learn Your Loyalty Strengths and Weaknesses -- and What You Can Do About Them

hardcover | ISBN: 9781933771724 | Publication Date: July 2009

"This is a supremely practical book with a profoundly moral message: that the quality of our lives, the productivity of our organizations and the depth of our relationships are inextricably related. This book should not be used only as a guide for leaders, but as a guide for life."
--Joseph Grenny, New York Times bestselling co-author of Influencer: The Power to Change Anything

"My Loyalty Matters is a wonderful, timely book. Reading it can improve your relationships, your work and actually make you happier."
--Tal-Ben Shahar, New York Times bestselling author of Happier

"In good times loyalty is important; in challenging times it's essential Why Loyalty Matters is the best book on loyalty ever written."
--Michael Watkins, bestselling author of The First 90 Days and co-founder of Genesis Advisers

"Anyone who seeks to cultivate loyal customers, employees and loved ones should not only read this book, but mark it up as a reference guide."
--Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton, New York Times bestselling authors of The Carrot Principle

"Why Loyalty Matters is a brilliant and thought-provoking book that not only identifies issues, but also provides real-life answers."
--Britt Berrett, President and CEO, Medical City and Medical City Children's Hospital, Dallas, Texas

"Loyalty is a key ingredient in creating a high-performance culture. Why Loyalty Matters is the first playbook of its kind."
--David Kasiarz, Senior Vice President, Global Compensation and Benefits, American Express

"Keiningham and Aksoy have written the definitive book on the what, how and why of loyalty."
--Sonja Lyubomirsky, bestselling author of The How of Happiness