Three Simple Steps: A Map to Success in Business and Life

Trevor Blake

BenBella Books,  August 2012

How many self-help books are written by authors whose biggest success is selling self-help books? Three Simple Steps is different.

Since 2001, I have built four companies, starting each with a few hundred dollars. My first sold for $107 million, and I had similar success selling my second in 2011. I know what it takes to achieve professional, financial, and personal goals.

I have no identifiable skill or talent. I come from a poor background with as many hang-ups as anyone else. I had no family or business connections to help me. I have, however, studied the attributes, talents, and insights of sell-made men and women. From their successes, I formed three rules and have lived them consistently for 20 years. They have turned an ordinary life into extraordinary.

I'm not a sell-help guru, but a pragmatic businessman whose only advantage in life has been the application of these three simple steps.

I didn't write this to make money. All my profits from this book go to cancer research. I wrote it because it works. In recent years, I have taught these steps to individuals and groups and have seen the impact they can make in all avenues of life. Using these three steps, anyone from the road warrior to the stay-at-home parent can achieve a better, balanced, financially independent life.

Paperback | ISBN: 9781936661718 | Publication Date: August 2012


". . . an inspirational and thought-provoking read . . ."
-- Publishers Weekly

"Finally, a book about how to succeed by an author who has actually achieved something before
writing about it! I have worked with many aspiring entrepreneurs over the years, and they would all benefit from reading and learning to live Three Simple Steps. I wish I had been given the opportunity to internalize these important lessons earlier in my own career."
-- Drew A. Graham, Managing Partner, Ballast Point Ventures

"Trevor Blake has provided a clear and concise road map for those of us who believe we were born to make a difference but needed help getting started. The empowering and inspirational message will change your life . . . It did mine! Three Simple Steps is a guidebook that you will use regularly."
-- Debbie Knight, President & CEO, DK Innovative

"Three Simple Steps is a magnificent, genuine guide that revives the American Dream. Each compelling chapter is a formidable footprint of the author's and reader's journey together toward success and hope in these trying economic times."
-- Li-Xi Yang, MD, PhD, Director of Research, California Pacific Medical Center

"Three Simple Steps demonstrates how to be successful where others miss the mark . . . Learn how to free your own potential, how to champion your mentality, physicality and spirituality, and, ultimately, how to turn these attributes into your own triumph."
-- Deborah E. Cool, PhD, CEO, Calidris Therapeutics, Inc.

"Trevor showed me early on in my career to keep things simple. I've watched him build two successful companies from his home. He is a man who cares and knows how to do great things with the simplest of plans. Three Simple Steps is sure to help us all gain greater business success and keep in perspective the things that matter most to us."
-- Jennifer Olsen, President & CEO, Resourceful HR LLC

"One of the best experiences in my career was working for Trevor Blake. The ability to inspire one to achieve comes not through sharing a philosophy, but by sharing and imparting a belief in your success, and the steps to get there. Trevor did that for me. I continue to carry that belief throughout my varied career as a business executive, singer, and mother, and this book is a reminder that no matter what the barriers, you can achieve your own definition of greatness."
-- Joan Curto, Cabaret icon and bestselling artist of May I Suggest?