Jane Boulware

No one expected Jane Boulware, the scrappy girl from the corn fields of Iowa, who paid for college selling used carpet and her mom's prayers, to become a leader of billion-dollar businesses and a top Microsoft executive. A proud small-town girl, married in the same church as her mom, Jan began working before she could write, her future forged by others - get married, make babies, and stay on the good side of the church and the law, in that order. 

Unwilling to let circumstances, fear or others define her, Jane was penniless and married at 20, earned an MBA at 24, saw the ocean at 25, commuted to South America each week at 31, brought two sons into the world by 35, was a millionaire at 37, and one of the top 10 women at Microsoft at 40. By 52, Jane had launched three billion-dollar businesses, been VP of the largest merger in the history of the US, forged global alliances, won lots of awards and left a legacy of strong leaders in her wake. 

Along the way to the corner office, Jane was hit on, spit on, shot at, yelled at, a zero and a hero. She's been called a bulldog, a bitch, an idiot and brilliant, all in the same week. 

Married to her high school sweetheart, Jane lives in Washington state and works to make a difference, serving on boards including Boys & Girls Clubs, writing, speaking and consulting. Jane is passionate about helping people claim their worth and forge the future. Her joy is being outdoors with her family. 

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