Newer books are listed first


By Jane Boulware

Publisher: Worthy Publications

Daddy's Girl

By Mike Schnabel

Publisher: Armin Lear Press

Still on Fire: A Memoir

By Renee Linnell

Publisher: Pink Skeleton Press

Flying Alone

By Elizabeth Ruggiero

Publisher: Beth's Books

Becoming Starlight

By Sharon Prentice

Publisher: Waterside Press

The Burn Zone: A Memoir

By Renee Linnell

Publisher: She Writes Press

Take Off Your Shoes

By Ben Feder

Publisher: Radius Book Group

It's Not Yet Dark: A Memoir

By Simon Fitzmaurice

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Recipes for Life: My Memories

By Linda Evans

Publisher: Vanguard Press

Into My Father's Wake

By Eric Best

Publisher: Createspace

The Sugarless Plum

By Zippora Karz

Publisher: Harlequin

Who Do You Think You Are?: A Memoir

By Alyse Myers

Publisher: Touchstone/Simon&Schuster

Wife in the North

By Judith O'Reilly

Publisher: PublicAffairs

Hungry Hill: A Memoir

By Carole O'Malley Gaunt

Publisher: Univ. Of Mass Press

The Places in Between

By Rory Stewart

Publisher: Harcourt

Tony and Me

By Jack Klugman with Burton Rocks

Publisher: Goodhill Press