Bart McDonough

Bart McDonough is CEO and Founder of Agio, a hybrid managed IT and cybersecurity services provider that acts like anything but your traditional MSP. Agio's bread and butter is financial services, specifically hedge funds, private equity, and asset managers. Followed closely by the health care market and the payments industries. Bart founded Agio from a place of deep institutional investment knowledge, racking up more than 20 years of experience in cybersecurity, business development, and IT management, specifically within the demanding world of the hedge fund space. His core strengths are assessing, defining, advocating, and driving the adoption of risk management strategies, controls, and models that enabled organizations to advance cybersecurity resiliency while successfully complying with evolving regulatory requirements, and behavioral transformations. That's a mouthful, right? So is he - in the best possible way.

Harnessing his expertise, Bart and the team he's built of more than 250 employees have developed cybersecurity and managed IT tools tailored to protect businesses' most precious assets: money and reputation. And they do all of this while having a blast doing what they do best every day with the people that matter. The culture at Agio is unlike any you've ever experienced. Once you're in, you're in, and everyone loves the Kool-Aid.

Bart is launching his debut book, Cyber Smart: Five Habits to Protect Your Family, Money, and Identity from Cyber Criminals, in early 2019. Prior to founding Agio, he worked at SAC Capital Advisors, BlueStone Capital Partners, OptiMark Technologies, Sanford Bernstein and American Express. Bart attended the University of Oklahoma and received his undergraduate degree from the University of Connecticut. He is married to the amazingly talented two-time Emmy award-winning television producer, Cheryl Horner McDonough, and has three incredible children, Russell, Ava, and Kya.

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