The Pinball Theory of Apocalypse: A Novel

Jonathan Selwood

Harper Perennial,  August 2007

Life -- Or An Amazing Facsimile -- In Postearthquake, Preapocalypse L.A.

For years, painter Isabel Raven has made an almost-living forging Impressionist masterpieces to decorate the McMansions of the not-quite-Sotheby's-auction rich. But when she serendipitously hits on an idea that turns her into the "It Girl" of the L.A. art scene, her career takes off just as the rest of her life heads south. Her personal-chef boyfriend is having a wild sexual dalliance with the teenage self-styled "Latina Britney Spears." If Isabel refuses to participate in an excruciatingly humiliating ad campaign, her sociopathic art dealer is threatening to "gut her like an emu." And her reclusive physicist father has conclusively proven that the end of the world is just around the corner.

Now, with the Apocalypse looming -- and with only a disaffected Dutch-Eskimo billionaire philanthropist and his dissolute thirteen-year-old adopted daughter to guide her -- there's barely enough time remaining for Isabel to reexamine her fragile delusional existence . . . and the delusional reality of her schizophrenic native city.

The story continues at, where you can view some of Isabel's art, and find out how and when exactly the world will end at

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paperback | ISBN: 9780061173875 | Publication Date: August 2007

"Read this book, because laughing yourself to death is the second best way to go."
--Arthur Nersesian, author of The Fuck-Up and Chinese Takeout